Saturday, 21 September 2013

Oh Godfrey! How Could You?

UKIP are on the march!  They are attracting members from across the broad spectrum of British politics.  They are appealing to people from all walks of life who know that the mainstream parties have been corrupted by a New World Order who buy their politicians and then use them to distort the order of the world.

There is still a huge amount of common sense from the elderly in the UK.  So many of us realize that Nigel Farage has seen a gap in the market and is leading the country towards a sensible economy. We cannot continue borrowing huge sums of money and then fling it at the EU and the ridiculous Foreign Aid agenda.

In order to change this aberration voters in the UK need UKIP.  I do not know how Nigel Farage and his cohorts have escaped the clutches of a power which seems to have the power to bribe almost anyone but so far they seem Kosha!

So far so good. UKIP have had a really good annual conference which has actually put Nick Clegg and David Cameron to shame because it was well attended and enthusiastic. Then came Godfrey Bloom!

We all know that we are frustrated by the politically correct agenda of the New World Order but Godfrey fell completely into the trap. He reacted exactly how the media wanted him to react. They goaded him and he fell for it. He is therefore not suitable for future high office.

Not only did he let himself down he let the party down. Did he not realise that he gave the mainstream media their headline story? When a party is fighting to change the history of a  country did he not realise that the media had targeted him as a loose cannon?

No wonder that Nigel Farage was incandescent with rage.  He has to fight all manner of attacks and then one of his principal allies gives the mainstream media a coup! Was he on drugs? What was he playing at? Godfrey Bloom should be consigned to the political scrap heap where he belongs.  It is so sad and SO irritating.


Anonymous said...

Well yes up to a point.

See i look at it slightly differently.

I'm sick to the back bloody teeth of reporters who shove a microphone in someones face and then repeat banal half witted questions hardly worthy of an answer.

And i'm not in the public eye to have to answer them meself, if i was i have no doubt i'd be tempted to swipe some bloody twerp over the head with a tightly rolled up sheaf of papers in the vain hope of knocking some bloody sense into it.

Thing is it hasn't made the slightest difference to me, not is suspect the huge number of people who have fianlly seen through the con of the last 30 years.

We don't want polished cloned cardboard politicians, all moulded from the same sour ingredients.

We're British people, we want genuine people with all their unpolished faults to try to save us from the present three cheeks party's traitors.

If our party of choice didn't have a few eccentrics then it would be the fourth cheek of the present arse.



Rickie said...

I thought UKIP were a party of the man in the pub, straight talking no nonsense give us back our freedoms and country types.

Instead they get all twitchy about a daft remark `which mentioned "sluts" with regard to cleaning.

Farage has scored an own goal with his outrage over a political correct type gaff , and to think smokers see him as the big hope to overturn the smoking ban,

Forget it smokers, when in power Farage will be playing politically correct football and smoking will be far too hot to handle, you have seen the clues with dear old Godfrey Bloom.

My problem is that both Farage and Bloom just look and act like your typical upper class tories in disguise.

bryboy said...

Do you know guys I think that you are right! My post was hasty and ill advised. We REALLY do want a change of politics and perhaps people like Godfrey are want we want. You are right because we should not play their game and the tone of Godfrey's meeting was not what the mainstream media reported. I am always open to reasoned debate and you provided it!