Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Syria an Explanation of the Chemical Weapons Attack?

Anyone who past this way before will know that I do not believe or trust most of the mainstream politicians whether they be British, American or European.  Most of them once in power ignore the wishes of the public and just seem hell bent on leading their respective countries to disaster whether it be economic or military.

I have consistently believed that it would be monstrous for President Assad of Syria to challenge the 'red line' set by Obama because he had no need to.  He can beat the so called 'rebels' with one hand tied behind his back!

So who did expose the Syrian people to chemical warfare and where did the weapons come from? I have been searching for a credible explanation and perhaps I have found one.  This seems a logical explanation because so many tragedies are 'accidents'.

If this is true does it not ruin the credibility of Obama, John Kerry, David Cameron and William Hague?  They have never had any proof about who released the devastating materials on the unsuspecting Syrian public who are of course the victims of this world power struggle.

The farce that was played out in Westmonster last week proved to me that none of them give a damn about the Syrian people.  Their brief is to ensure that Assad is toppled so that somebody can open a Central Bank in Syria and bleed the country dry!

I realise that this is a provocative and extreme opinion but someone is trying to destabilize the Middle East and so many prominent politicians are all falling into line.  Money talks!

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