Wednesday, 11 September 2013


The title is not original.  I borrowed it from Captain Ranty who despite rumours still exists!  Syriasly are the politicians really beginning to get the message?  Have the Russians really stitched up that idiot Obama?  

I watched today in parliament when Cameron once again toyed with his opponent.  Ed Miliband reminds me of Barack Obama because they are both clueless when it comes to serious issues. However they have so much in common because neither gained their prominence by ability but rather more their ability to serve masters who remain out of the public attention.

However, David Cameron also falls into that category.  He would have willingly taken us into yet another war had his minions totally cocked up their numbers.  Thankfully we are now out of the Syrian equation (I think) and even Obama and Kerry have been outflanked by the Russians.

That is really not a bad result.  The reason is that there is still absolutely no proof that the chemical weapon attack came from the Syrian government! It is just like Saddam Hussein had rockets that would reach the UK in 45 minutes! 

Now we have the problem that an army of Al Quaeda fanatics from all across the globe are operating in Syria and Cameron and Obama want us to support them!  This is nonsense and most of us know it. The public on both sides of the pond do not want engagement in Syria.  There are copious videos demonstrating the brutality of the 'Free Syrian Army' so why did Cameron and Hague want us to get involved?

The bottom line is that they are not in business to represent the public. They have their own game to play and like, in poker, with this Syrian question they have all overplayed their hand.  We all now know that they are serving the masters that have allowed them to be elected.

We must rid ourselves of this corrupt cartel.  They have betrayed the public. They are operating at  their own level and they all agree on the level.  We only have one man who is opposing this corruption and that is not healthy. Nigel Farage is just as vulnerable as any other individual but surely it is time that we brought back government to this country? 

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