Friday, 13 September 2013

Why is the Royal Mail being Privatised?

Like most people I assumed that the government selling off Royal Mail was simply another attempt to profit from their public limited company.  Royal Mail have been losing profit in recent years because the EU has allowed private companies to cream off profitable areas whereas the Royal Mail has to provide a service for the whole of the country.

Then I discovered the European Union Postal Services Directive which as usual is the real reason that the government is having to sell off the Royal Mail.  Most of us suspect that privatising the Royal Mail will lead to a reduction of the service to the public even though in recent years it is a fraction of the efficiency of yesteryear.

Bit by bit the EU is attacking everything that we hold dear.  Every expensive 'white elephant'  hoist on us emanates from the socialist group of non-elected commissars from Brussels (HS2 for example).
If you want to learn more about how they operate and force us into what they call 'modernisation' then this guy explains it better than I can.

I just wish that our politicians would come clean once in a while!

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