Wednesday, 4 September 2013

So Much American Bullshit!

Bathaina Shabaan
Look we live in dangerous times!  I am now an old man but I can still read history and I can recognize how a reckless disregard for history can bring about a full blown war.  If we read the history of one particular family then you can see how history repeats itself!

Remember it was the matriarch of this particular family who said that 'there would be no wars if my sons did not want them'.  Obama and Kerry are consistently being exposed.  Tonight I watched Bathaina Shabaan on Sky TV as she defended her country passionately and persuasively.  She is one of President Assad's principle advisers but just remember Syria is not a bunch of ragheads with balloons on sticks!

Syria has a mighty war machine.  They are fighting against what appears to be an Al Qaeda attack on their country so why are we, the western world, supporting a terrorist organisation?  Somebody is playing a really duplicitous game but you know what I always say.  Money talks!

Who provided the money for the Libyan rebels to unseat Colonel Ghadaffi? Who armed the rebels in Syria? Who is trying desperately to destabilize the Middle East? Why are all of our leading politicians and our mainstream media ignoring any evidence which is contrary to a sort of plan.  Remember all of these outlets are controlled by the same people.  The print media, the TV, the radio have all combined to give you one aspect of a situation.

At the moment we are sleepwalking into a war scenario but nobody seems to believe it! Who cares money talks!

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