Tuesday, 24 September 2013

The Corruption is Terrifying!

I sometimes believe that my blogging days are coming rapidly to an end.  The reason for this conclusion is that I read and research a lot on the World Wide Web.  There are people on there who are much better informed than I am but we are coming to the same conclusions probably from vastly different ends of the spectrum.

I have no alternative agenda.  I am just an ordinary pensioner who mistrusts politicians and bankers and ,of course, like everyone else I have good reason.  Unfortunately everywhere I look I see government perversion.  There are for example innumerous stories linking senior judges, politicians and police officers to juvenile sex crimes.

These are all over the internet but all we see are ageing actors/entertainers appearing in the dock. This just has to be a plot to distract the public from the real truth.  We continually see examples of failure by the Social services and professionals working in the NHS but nobody ever seems to be taken to task.

Some of what I read and the conclusions that I have arrived at were so disturbing that I personally cannot voice them because my sanity could be questioned by friends and family.  Most recently however I have discovered blogs with more courage than I so I intend to direct you towards them. 

Firstly read 'The Tap' particularly the article by John Kaminski, his comments on Harvard University were particularly illuminating because I came to that conclusion some time back.  Then pop over to  'Aangirfan' because he has lots to say about the links between child cruelty and the authorities.  A lot of this is based in the city of Coventry which some time ago I discovered was one of the cities used by Common Purpose to recruit young people. 

You will have to do a lot of reading and to clear your mind of mainstream media garbage but it may open eyes.  One thing is clear if the honest citizen does not awake and take control of his/her local councils then civilisation in the UK will follow on to what is currently happening in the States.  It is only a matter of time!


NewsboyCap said...


Unfortunately many of us -the grey army- are coming to the same conclusions. The corruption is rife throughout all councils, trouble is the decision makers are un-accountable to the inhabitants of each borough. The men/women behind the corruption, the cabinet of each council, aren't even answerable to the councillors, just as Common Purpose designed it.

bryboy said...

Hello NBC I just cannot understand how the British population are ignoring what is in front of their noses. As a nation we have become so complacent and compliant. In general modern youth is a national disaster. It is clearly what Common Purpose wanted. You do not get on unless you join in with the corruption. I am rapidly coming to the conclusion that I should just join the herd and ignore it. After all anyone under the age of 65 just does not understand what I'm talking about!

Anonymous said...

There's a lot of us out there who have seen and the number is growing, the internet has helped enormously and thats why 'they' want to control it.

I'm 58 now and i've felt like this since my early 20's when i watched our industry being dismantled to be replaced with offices and shopping centres, our remaining 'industry' seems to be mainly warehousing for Chinese tat.

I haven't bought a newspaper for well over 25 years and i will never purchase another, buggered if i'm paying for me own brainwashing.

Don't watch or listen to the broadcast MSM either, and the very last organisation i would trust to give fair coverage to news is the state broadcaster BBC.

By seeking alternative sources of information and viewing those with a healthy dose of scepticism is a strangely liberating way of life.

Blinkers long gone, we don't believe the bullcrap any more.



Anonymous said...

I reckon I know what's going on but like you, I'm not going to say it so publicly. Twisted beyond all recognition of the truth is this 'phenomenum'. Hoodwinked to our eventual ruin over this alone. Most people won't go near even questioning the truth - they're afraid to do so, afraid now to even exercise their own minds. Not even capable of doing so any more, if ever they were in the first place. The youth like you say have never known differently. A dark chapter this is, as dark as any other, if not the darkest.

PS. I was born long after 1948.

Always a good read here by the way. Don't give up. We need the elder wisdom more than ever.