Saturday, 28 September 2013

Tax Breaks for Married Couples? Yeah Right!

The very moment that I heard the headline and saw Jeremy Hunt announcing the policy on the BBC I knew that it had to be a scam. These mainstream politicians have spent decades denegrating and degrading the state of marriage so that there is no way that they would be allowed to reinstate it!

Their problem is that the natural Conservative voter believes in marriage because they are the common sense generation who understand that family values are the cornerstone of society.  It is because the value of marital vows has been traduced by the political class for so long that we have such a large population of well...scumbags is a good word.

So now with a fanfare of trumpets the leaders of what was once a Conservative party announce that they intend to reintroduce tax breaks for married couples (was that not in their election manifesto?) But hang on this is David Cameron and Jeremy Hunt that we are talking about so what is the catch?

Well it will not be for ALL married couples only those who are at the lower end of the wage scale.  It will probably only be up to £200 a year and will only be introduced after 2015! It will include many of the elderly marrieds but here is the rub.  They can only apply on line.  They will have to apply together so how many over seventies are sufficiently computer savvy to sit together and work out the complexities of government forms online?

Many of my friends do not even own a computer so that cuts them out and is £200 per annum worth the bother? No this is yet another gimmick from people who have long since lost the trust of most of us.  We don't even know if it will get through parliament because the LibDems have already stated that because it is a good idea in principle they cannot possibly vote for it!

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