Monday, 28 October 2013

Where has Charlotte Leslie been Hiding?

Charlotte Leslie appeared on Newsnight this evening on a programme where she criticized the disgraceful pay out to Sharon Shoesmith for her abject performance in the baby 'P' case.  This was a woman who headed the team that failed to recognize that a baby was being blatantly tortured to death.

In her very short appearance on 'Newsnight' Charlotte Leslie came across as being intelligent, articulate and attractive. She was educated at Millfield and Balliol Oxford so she is clearly a really clever sod. She became a member of parliament for Bristol North West in 2010 so why have we never heard of her?

Is Charlotte Leslie slipping under the net because she has a brain?  I do not know why she supports the EU because it does not sit with her profile.  This lady needs to be watched because I was impressed by her performance.  If only she was a eurosceptic!

I will probably end up being totally disappointed by her but then what is new? I just cannot understand why this articulate, presentable MP seems to be ignored by a party that desperately needs a positive profile. 

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