Monday, 7 October 2013

Congratulations to Nicky Morgan!

I have often criticized my local MP Nicky Morgan for very good reasons.  She has always been a 'Cameroon' which unfortunately makes her a socialist.  That means that at the last election the voters from Loughborough and a choice between Andy Reed who WAS a Socialist and Nicky Morgan who stood on the ticket of being a Conservative.

So effectively the people of Loughborough had a choice! Do we vote for an open socialist (who never stood a chance after his party adopted Gordon Brown) or a closet socialist like Nicky Morgan. Our MP has supported the PM on probably every issue and today she got her reward.  She is now a government minister.

I have often stated that if you play the game and keep your mouth shut then politically you will get the rewards. I want to be represented by someone who is not a political pawn. Nicky has classically done all the right moves but what is the point?

She has no power. The only power over us is the EU. Nicky Morgan actually has no real influence apart from her personal prestige. She is not alone so why do we have 650 pawns in 'Westmonster' claiming vast expenses, being generously subsidized and actually achieving nothing!

Congratulations Nicky but your promotion really does not impress people who want a better future.

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