Friday, 4 October 2013

UKIP is not Racist!

Yesterday Lord Heseltine declared, on the Daily Politics, that UKIP was a racist party. It just goes to show the desperation of the mainstream parties, particularly the Tories, when they have to wheel out on the BBC an ageing failed politician paid to make ridiculous accusations live on the box.

Today the toxic Jo Cockburn, who is the BBC's leading attack 'dog', against any minor politician tried to bully the UKIP's spokesperson on Small Businesses, Amjad Bashir.  Undaunted Jo continued along the 'racist' theme projected by Heseltine even though she had the antithesis right in front of her! 

I could not believe her naivety because Amjad  clearly mocked her 'racist' accusations in his broad Yorkshire accent!  She never once approached Amjad on UKIP policies because she knows that the politics supported by the BBC have been discredited forever.

Once and for all the mainstream media are shitting themselves about the emergence of  British people in politics.  UKIP represent the British people. I cannot imagine the pressure that Nigel Farage must be under from those on high.  I sometimes fear for him and remember he has had to survive a plane crash to lead his party.

More and more even the BBC is having to recognize that UKIP is a real threat to the 'Westmonster bubble' because once they gain that vital Westmonster seat then the people will realise that they are a credible threat to the 'big three'. I say 'three' but UKIP have actually overtaken the LibDems in popular support thanks to the pathetic performance of Nick Clegg and the discovery that most LibDems are actually blaggards, Huhne, Rennard, Laws, Hancock and it goes on!

They can call UKIP 'racist' but hell so far they cannot even compete with the LibDems.  Godfrey Blooms 'Bongo Bongo'  reference is not criminal or sexual. It is only indiscreet and that is if you accept the current politically correct stance which I mock.

UKIP are taking the fight to the three main parties because they are an honest party. For the past, what fifty years, we have seen the mainstream parties pander to their backers because they have prostituted themselves to big business and big politics.

The recognition of UKIP will purely be down to the general public. We have no backing from the establishment because we oppose the establishment.  The people must recognise that they cannot trust mainstream media or the BBC which is part of the problem.  People must become independently minded yet again which is difficult when they have been almost educated out of independent thought!

Let me tell you Nigel Farage is real! He is fighting a battle on behalf of all of us.  The mainstream media are desperate to destroy him and his party. That is why Jo Cockburn could not recognise the threat in front of her because she was programmed to destroy UKIP and here was an Asian with a Yorkshire accent laughing at her argument.

We will get much more of this crap but if UKIP hold strong and continue to advance then one day the people will realise how our country has been sold down the river by the servants of the New World Order.


NewsboyCap said...

I think you know where I stand when it comes to voting for someone to steal on your behalf, but I can't fault your enthusiasm for all things UKIP.
You make an excellent case for Farage and his party but, and it is a big but, the MSM will do it's utmost to discredit UKIP until it 'tows' the official line of 'the state is all powerful', much like the LibLabCon.
I admire your optimism, but while there is an agenda for a 'new world order', UKIP and any other independent party are just pissing in the wind.

Anonymous said...

So Judas appears at the BBC to continue the good works he and the other traitors indulge in, one of their most famous acts the stabbing in the back of the best PM (with her own faults) we'd had in many a generation, and yet to be replaced.

I wonder if Farage, whilst totally different is indeed the one the real British people (you know the ones, the millions who get up and go to work come hell or high water and try to do their best) have been waiting for, maybe, but those with their snouts deep in the trough are getting their collective knickers in twist over this 'one trick pony'.

We keep hearing how irrelevent UKIP are, racists loons etc etc, never going to get anywhere apparently, yet for a bunch of no hopers are causing increasingly desperate reactions from the 2.5 cheeks of the same arse party and their legion of bought and paid camp followers.

Too bloody late, in increasing numbers those of us who have seen whats happened don't actually believe the propaganda any more, we've stopped listening to or watching the state broadcaster because it cannot be trusted, increasing numbers of people no longer believe we have an independent press.

Jesus wept they've resorted to brainwashing children in school in the correct thought process as defined by them, thats how truly evil these bastards are.

The genie is out of the bottle and they're scurrying round in rat packs trying desperately to put it back in.

Too bloody late, the state broadcaster and the rest of the system is only continuing the process with its already fully indoctrinated victims, increasing numbers of people are seeing it all too clearly now and they are bloody angry.

Seeing Farage addressing the Bloomberg conference a couple of days ago was an eye opener....worth watching.

There was a leader spelling out the truth with no uncertainty and straight to the point.

There's more chance of me pissing in the queens handbag than there is of the 2.5 cheeks leaders (cough, change me underpants after pissing mesen laughing) daring to stand up on live telly and debate real issues with this man.

They are running scared, i too hope someone good is watching Farages back, i wouldn't put anything past the swine who see the dangers a real honest straight man presents to their claw like grip on power.



bryboy said...

Two very interesting takes on UKIP and tks both for your contributions. NBC I half heartedly agree with you that it is indeed an uphill struggle but I just must BELIEVE that before I depart this planet someone must challenge the NWO and Farage is the only one on the horizon.

Judd I also believe like you that far too belatedly the 'honest citizen' is beginning to understand what is happening all around them including the brainwashing of the kids. The genie is out of the bottle but can we muster sufficient numbers to make a difference? I keep hoping that we can but apathy still rules in most places. we are still getting councillors being voted into office on a 9% turnout!

SAB said...

Hi, it was great to see Nigel Farage on the Andrew Marr show this morning! He conducted himself brilliantly as usual and also put his point forward regarding the ECHR very well when sat next to Teresa May towards the end of the show.
I haven't commented recently as my iphone won't allow it for some reason, but keep up the good work on your blog. I'm always checking in to see if you've posted a new topic! :-)

bryboy said...

Tks SAB I don't have too many supporters and I value every one of them.

bryboy said...

By the way SAB one of my oldest friends was house sitting for JK last week. What a pad!