Thursday, 17 October 2013

Dysfunctional Families?

I recently posted  about the state of the people arriving back at East Midland Airport whilst the baggage handlers redirected the luggage of my wife's flight to the wrong carousel!  Needless to say there were no apologies and no information for waiting families.

So I saw the 'cream' of the general public arriving home from their foreign holidays. It then struck me what pressure the education system faces when  dealing with the kids of these 'people'.  I saw one guy drunk as a skunk who had to dive to the toilet and he was accompanied by two adult females, both pregnant (or obese) and a phalanx of children.

They eventually trooped out of 'arrivals' which made me think what school must accommodate the children from such a 'group' (I hesitate to use the term 'family').  Our education system is being forced to accommodate children from disfunctional families even though it is clear that these kids cannot cope with any form of normality.

Our Political Class has created this situation. It does not matter which Political Party has been dominant because they have all combined to destroy the British way of life. I know this because my wonderful grandchildren come home with nits! They know all the swearwords and my daughter once even filmed evil little toerags exposing themselves in front of her house!

These degenerate kids are still in mainstream education!  I know that every generation have had their 'poor' kids but this generation seems to have an even more evil input because on line porn makes everything so much more explicit. 

I have a 'normal' loving family but I fear that our young girls are being exposed to a culture at an age when they are far too young to cope with it. I have a really beautiful elder granddaughter who has been blessed. She already knows why she attracts male attention but she is still only twelve years of age.

There has to be a system that weeds out kids from families which are dysfunctional from those 'normal' respectable families who really try.  They can be identified at a very early age but then the useless Social Services, who have consistently failed vulnerable children, never seem able to get their act together.

If the Public Service Trade Unions, who regularly rail against anyone trying to improve the  future of the children, REALLY want to improve the education system then they MUST weed out children from dysfunctional families.  Everyone knows who they are and yet nobody seems to have the political will to deal with the problem.

We cannot ignore children who arrive at school age unable to cope with normal decent standards.  We cannot allow the families of these children to pollute the education of all the other kids.  Headteachers must be given the power to exclude these kids and then take the parents to task.

It is time that we punish the feckless.  We must instill a parental standard because if we don't then all our kids will suffer.  It is time to stop the race to the bottom.  We must isolate the feckless element of our society, remove the kids from the schools and then ensure that any child benefit is also removed from the family.

We must then introduce a pathway to deal with these poor children from broken homes. Their parents are usually the drunken, porn addicted, drug abusing class that cannot cope with parenthood. We really cannot continue to ignore them. Our social services have been seen time and time again to follow a politically correct agenda and ignore gross home conditions because they have to adhere to politically correct theories imposed by our political authorities.

It is high time that our useless social services began to earn their pay.  I want to protect my beautiful girls from the children of the scum who produce children by the dozen and then they want everyone else to pick up the tab. We must sort this out!

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