Monday, 21 October 2013

How Safe is the Flu Jab?

I have now been poorly for about ten days.  I visited my local GP on an unrelated matter and he casually offered me the flu jab which I accepted.  After all we know about the flu jab because it keeps the elderly protected from the awful winter illness.

Within a few hours my skin began to itch.  I felt abnormally fatigued and was disorientated.  Then a rash appeared on my chest and later it appeared on my back. I felt as if my skin was crawling.

After four days I asked to see the practice nurse and she forwarded me to the nurse practitioner (senior nurse).  She immediately recognised that I was suffering from a reaction to the flu jab!  I was told that if it got worse I should report back.  Within two days I was back with a doctor who immediately recognised that my immune system had been attacked and offered me antibiotics and skin cream.

So far I am still suffering so I googled the flu jab!  This is what one blog reported.  Out of curiosity I googled the Stevens-Johnson syndrome and look what I found.  I know that I probably do not have the full blown syndrome but hell I was fit and active when I was 'jabbed' and my skin has been 'crawling' ever since.  

I now have to ask is the so called 'flu jab' doing more harm than good?  The medical authorities seem to be well versed to the fact that the 'flu jab' has the capability to break down immune systems because they all immediately recognised my problem as being linked to the 'flu jab'.  I will never have the 'flu jab' again if I ever recover.  I just thought that you all should know that this vaccine is not all that it is cracked up to be!

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