Saturday, 12 October 2013

The British People Today!

I sat for an hour last Wednesday waiting for my wife to return from her one week break in Jersey. The reason that I sat for an hour was that the luggage from her flight was directed to the wrong conveyor belt. Welcome to Britain because nobody announced the error, nobody told the waiting friends/relatives and apparently nobody has taken responsibility.

It gave me a chance to observe the arrivals at East Midlands airport and I could not believe my eyes!  Remember I recently observed holidaymakers in Skegness and yet here I was again observing British travelers arriving back in the UK from their foreign holidays!

I have never seen such a motley crew! They were totally devoid of style and decorum.  Most of them traveled as if they were still on the beach. Far too many were overweight and even the downright ugly can improve themselves with dress sense and style.  Probably ten per cent that I saw would meet genuine approval.

We have lost our pride.  We have lost our national identity.  The English have forgotten or have never been taught what is expected of them.  We have now become a third world nation devoid of pride, devoid of decent education and devoid of a sense of value. So many of the English indigenous population have been so ground down by a lack of care that they have lost the ability to parent.

So many have resorted to fags, booze and drugs that they have given up on responsible citizenship.  My granddaughter's school is plagued by nits and they are not allowed to expel the carriers!

I despise everything that Ed Miliband stands for, but his phrase 'the race to the bottom' has a ring of truth.  Our schools are racing to the bottom!  Our public is racing to the bottom!   Nobody cares any more and that is the responsibility of the politicians.  Everyone with one ounce of common sense knows that, until our kids can play safely on our streets, then we do not have a civilized society.

That is the challenge to any modern political party and  should be the maxim of the electorate.  The question to every politician should be 'What will YOU do to ensure that our kids can play safely on the streets of the UK'?  Until we solve that equation everything else is superfluous.  

So when they next step forward asking for your vote ask them! Only UKIP will give you an honest answer because until we get representation on the so called sentencing guidance committee will the public ever gain control of their future. 


Rickie said...

How true Bryboy, the odd thing is that these same Brits believe they are superior to johnny foreigner when ever they talk about the spanish or french etc.

I reckon the word you have missed in your rant is "respect", this is what strikes me when travelling over the years that the British are lacking, its not just clothing, its how kids abroad behave and the general courtesy , manners and respect between people that you encounter abroad.

I avoid brits on holiday, that means you have to travel off the beaten track and discover the real gems in places like Spain.

People watching over the years has left me in no doubt that the British have a vastly overated opinion of themselves, my ideal world would be living in England and not abroad but with the spanish and a spanish culture.

I don't blame Milliband or particularly anyone, this dumbing down of civilized society has been going on for decades, infact it was Maggie Thatcher that who i blame for the other word you missed, "agresssion", Ukip will not change anything in my opinion.

The British lack respect and are aggressive, if you travel from East mids to popular holiday destinations then you will certainly encounter them, you first experience will be the pissed up farts in the airport lounge bar and that is what you will never ever find in a spanish regional airport lounge where its only the spanish travelling.

What do the spanish think of the millions of ex-pats or tourists in Spain?, they are in my opinion completely ignored by spanish media ,they don't exsist!, only the Royal family, politics and english football matter.

Budvar said...

I have to say that after a weeks holiday in Spain I said to myself "Don't ever let me hear anyone slagging Brits abroad.

A hotel full of Spanish, German, French and fucking Russian teenagers. The only words I can use to describe them is "Fucking animals".

I flew in and out of Manchester, and on the 2hr flight some of the kids were getting a bit tetchy, but they were kept under control by parents.

I agree with Bryboy in that Brits do seem to be scruffy fuckers, but being of working class stock and wearing shit all week, it was always the thing to do to get dressed up on a weekend.

But now that people seem to be office workers, they tend to dress down, so nobody feels the need any more.

bryboy said...

Tks for your interest guys and tks for your different views. Rickie you have highlighted something that I missed...aggression. We seem to be unable to drink and be lovable and respectful. Far too many go abroad and export the British pub culture.

Budvar I can easily agree with you that all modern day kids, no matter what nationality, spoil civilised behaviour. My wife and I far prefer cruises without kids because nobody has to accommodate them. The people that I witnessed, believe you me, were not office workers!! Some of them are indescribable because frankly they have no class/style/decorum or even any knowledge of civilisation! They were complete scum and they are in charge of children! I wince as to which school will have to try to educate the kids of these people!
Al Madinah they ain't!

Anonymous said...

My partner works at a school, and a four year old tells her that he is playing Call of duty, a killing war game that is an over 18 certificate with his dad. I know his dad. He's a policeman. What hope have we got.

Budvar said...

Anon, I remember being berated at the time for allowing my young kids to watch "Aliens". As I Said at the time, there's no more violence in that than you'd realistically see on the 9pm news, and although it being an 18 cert, there was no sex (across the board) or anything in the way of bad language (They wouldn't hear in the playground), so what's the problem?

This was back in the early 90s, and my kids are now in their mid 20s and all seemed to have grown into well rounded individuals.

Perhaps there's the thing of not just sitting them down in front of the TV and letting them get on with it, but just because something has an 18 cert, doesn't generally mean it's totally unsuitable for anyone under that particular age.

That said, I wouldn't have let them watch anything with butt fucking, pole smoking, fisting or bukkakis, does this make me a bad person? In todays society, yes it probably does...

bryboy said...

Hi Guys I think we are possibly straying away from my original point but then perhaps that is the consequence of my original point. The British public have been intentionally dumbed down so that they have lost their sense of pride/judgement/respectability. The people that I witnessed were from a different planet that I live on.

My worry is that their children attend the same schools as my grandchildren. They pollute the education system with their nits, their foul language and their unsocial behaviour. The schools have their hands tied because the children of the scum I saw arriving back to their home country cannot be denied an 'education'. In the meantime they are 'educating' every decent kid in the country!