Saturday, 26 October 2013

Democracy has become a Joke!

The electorate have been so switched off by the recent duplicity of our main stream politicians that they are refusing to vote.  For example, recently in a by-election held in Govan for a seat on the Glasgow City Council only 20.05% of the population bothered to vote.

They were faced with an array of candidates, 14 in all, and resulted in a victory for Labour who polled 43% of the turnout.  In real terms it means that the winning candidate was elected into office with the approval of less than 10% of the people of Govan!

This is becoming a farce.  Yes I know that Govan ranks alongside some of the more deprived constituencies in the country and yet the people cannot be bothered to vote for change because they have probably gathered that it actually does not matter who they vote for because nothing will change for them!

In recent years turnouts have been generally decreasing as many more and more realise that all three main parties in Westmonster bend their knee to the unelected commissars of the EU so nothing will change.  In effect any British parliament is largely ineffective and therefore it is not worth voting.  The British people are waking up because so much is out there in the ether on how we have all been effectively cheated by generations of politicians.

The chickens are coming home to roost and not before time!


Anonymous said...

Hence why they are desperate to stuff the genie back in the bottle.

Won't be holding me breath whilst millions of our ''eureka'd'' brethren make the massive effort of voting the bastards out mind.

Far too many will do as always, see which of the swine bribes them (with enough of their own money in many cases) a couple of weeks before election day...all what has happened in the intervening years conveniently forgotten.

Will they realise that THEY, the electorate, are themselves to blame when the jackboots come stalking down the street to quell the (decades too late) objections.



bryboy said...

Judd like so many others I am beginning to get the message far too late. What I am discovering is that the society that the British people have based their lives and beliefs upon does not exist.

We have been betrayed by corrupt politicians for decades. It is not just a few it is almost all of them and this decadent link to the Rothschilds includes most of our political heroes and the House of Windsor.

Our society is based upon treason, blackmail, pedophilia and corruption. Occasionally it cannot be ignored by the mainstream media (like the McCann case) but they then control the subsequent investigation.

If anyone wants pointers to what I read then I will provide the links.