Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Did Ralph Miliband hate Britain?

I have spoken about this before.  I am personally really concerned that the leader of the Labour party is still in thrall of his father  Ralph Miliband.  As everyone now knows Ralph jumped on one of the last boats out of Belgium at the onset of World War II and Britain aloud him to escape the clutches of Adolf Hitler.

He subsequently served time with the Royal Navy but after that he dedicated his life to Marxist theories which unless I misunderstand the ethos of my home country contradict our national identity. OK so far so good.  He wrote books about Marxism and made his name by supporting every left wing cause in the country.  At that time, as we may recall, Russian troops were raping German women in Berlin. 

You see socialism is a dead concept. It has failed time after time because all it means is that the state pays for whatever you want and of course the state can never afford it.  It goes round and round and lo and behold the latest advocate is Ed Miliband.  They all live off the state because few of them have ever contributed to the economy.

The Daily Mail has flushed out Ed Miliband. He uses the image of his dead father to boost his campaign.  Anyone who has read about Ralph Miliband believes that he hated everything about the British character. Ralph wrote about it, he spoke about it and he was unequivocal about his disgust of the British attitude to nationalism. If Ed Miliband continues to exhort the virtues of his dad (which he does) then he cannot oppose the subsequent scrutiny!

He has brought it about himself. Most of us are proud of our fathers but then very few had a 'Dad' like Ralph Miliband and very few of us are trying to become the Prime Minister on the back of it! Beware this 'brother' because he is a wrong 'un as he showed when he stood against his brother in the battle for the leadership of the Labour party. 

He has no loyalty to anyone but himself which makes him an ideal leader of the Labour party.  His dad taught him very well!

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