Sunday, 22 June 2008

'None of Them!"

Sunday is usually the day when much of the political sleaze is outed in the press but I must admit there is so mich happening at the moment that it is difficult to know where to start. MP after MP is being caught having not declared this or that and the misuse of the parliamentary expenses system is criminal.

In Europe it appears to be so much worse and why shouldn't it be? This huge organisation appears to be unauditable so the reports that the members are taking huge advantage of the lax rules on allowances and expenses are not surprising. If you make that the price of loyalty then you will get it. I am sure that this is the reason that the only people who have been allowed a vote (the Irish) voted against the constitution. The general public are not stupid and the politicians know it. That is the reason that, with the exception of Ireland nobody, has been allowed a vote. Every time the European Union has faced the public it has been defeated.

But back to us and what do we do with MP's from all major parties who have treated the public with such contempt? You see it isn't just members of one party who have been stealing huge sums of public money they are all at it. On the Andrew Marr show this morning Peter Oborne the columnist from the Daily Mail called it 'a conspiracy of silence'.

Our only opportunity to send a message to parliament comes all too rarely at a General Election. The Brown New Labour project know that they are dead in the water so they will hang on until the bitter end probably doing all they can to make their successors pick up a poisoned chalice. You can almost bet that the new government will discover an almighty mess a lot of it probably not even in place yet.

As anyone who regularly reads this BLOG will know I don't think there is anything to choose between the parties so why do we vote at all. Remember the last time that the Tories were in? How could anyone forget it? So why do we vote for them? They have both let us down over the past thirty years or so let's have another think about the next election.

If we all got together and agreed that nobody voted for either NoLab or Conservative or the useless LibDems we might get an astonishing result. They would all be voted out of power consigned to the political dustbin along with the Special Advisors, the Spin Doctors, the Lobbyists, the Sponsors and all the rest of the rotten hangers on who make up this cesspit of corruption.

In their place we might get some decent people but whoever we get would receive a definite message! Do as we want or we will get rid of you as well. This country desperately needs a revolution and the next election is the last chance to achieve one. Vote for anyone who stands aginst the established parties. Vote Green, UKIP, BNP, Raving Looney, Independent or whoever you like but don't vote for the big three. It would cause a sensation across the world that the British electorate, living in the so called home of democracy, had rejected their own political system!

I really think that we could do it so spread the word. I cannot think of anything else that would shake up the established political world. The next time that you are asked who you favour in one of these political polls which most of us never see then answer 'None of the Above'!

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