Friday, 13 June 2008

Ireland votes 'No' - now what?

Well done the Irish people! The only country to have been granted a vote on the European Union and they do the right and proper thing. I am not surprised because the normal man in the street may sometimes be apathetic, they may sometimes resent the intrusion into their personal lives but family, friends and in particular children come before anything.

Everyone knows that the EU is completely undemocratic. Nobody can enslave whole regions of educated and opinionated people in this day and age. The European countries are not like African states. We have fought far too hard and far too long to lose our freedom to people who we do not know, we do not trust and who have no right to enter our lives.

Europe has only just lost the last great monolithic power, the Soviet Union and lo and behold here comes another. For centuries countries like France, Germany, Italy, Spain and Great Britain have existed in their own entirety. The characters and traits of their people differ vastly from each other and yet someone, somewhere thinks that they can be brought together in one vast, uniform, conglomerate.

So what now? Apparently the rules state that if one sovereign state votes against the constitution then all is lost! Fat chance of that I reckon. They have far too much staked on this project not to enslave the western European nations. These are really high stakes that the politicians are playing for. They are creating a European political class which, if you are a member, will elevate you into a group who will be above the law. That is why they all agree with this Union and that is also the reason that they will not debate it.

Listen to all the main political parties in this country and they are broadly in agreement. They all say that the European Union is good for you. No argument, no strife, no debate because the three major political parties who want your votes cannot between them find one single reason not to support a group of people who have not satisfied an audit for a decade or more. As my brother would say 'I don't believe it."

Any day now you will witness a myriad of reasons which will explain to you why the votes of the Irish people do not count. They were well meant but actually it was quite obvious that they did not really understand the implications of their actions. This is much too large a roller coaster to be highjacked by a few Paddies who thought that their votes would result in democracy!

You watch if I'm not right!

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