Wednesday, 11 June 2008

Democracy and Gordon Brown

Has anyone ever seen such a disgraceful attempt to subvert democracy in this country than the bribery and corruption which has accompanied the passing of the 42 day detention for terrorist suspects bill?

The Northern Irish MPs have disgraced themselves by bowing to bribery/corruption/flattery/ or whatever and have gained this utterly discredited Prime Minister a hollow victory from which I imagine he will never recover. There is now nothing which he will not do to cling to his pathetic quest for power which incidentally he has proven that he is unable to cope with.

It has been reported that Mohammed Sarwar the MP for Glasgow Govan has ensured that his son will inherit his parliamentary seat. This from the party which abhors hereditary peerages! By the by are we surprised that this particular MP should not take full advantage of the weakness of his leader?

What did he promise the others? How much public money has been squandered solely to keep this turd in power. Sorry folks but he really is beyond contempt. This is a nemesis in our political journey. These people are incapable of democratic process. Everything is dependent on Gordon staying where he is for another two years because if he doesn't then we, the electorate, may get an opportunity to vote for someone else other than NoLab or Tory (or Ha LibDem) and thus the 'establishment' loses control!

But then what does it really matter? Europe rules at the end of the day and until we get a vote on what really matters then nothing is important. Do we care because tonight Turkey beat Switzerland in the European football championships and Ashley had to ask Mel to feed the baby in Emmerdale.

Sorry guys but democracy has once again taken a back seat so the next time that we see these pillocks coming on the box and even daring to mention the word 'democracy' (which of course they will) then make a mental note that they don't mean it!

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