Wednesday, 18 June 2008

Crime and our Politicians!

I watched the Politics Show today and I must admit that Andrew Neil is superb in the role of presenter because he does not let the waffling politicians away with their prepared lies. The ridiculous lie that crime is down has to be challenged but Caroline Flint (NoLab) continually tried to pass it off as a statistic which was beyond approach. Andrew Neil however, qualified it by insisting that the manufactured statistics did not recognise that violent crime and juvenile crime was on the increase and that is the extent of the problem.

NoLab have their own set of stats which only tell the story that they want you to believe. That is in all walks of life. Their stats on inflation are manufactured which we all recognise and their stats on crime are also unbelievable particularly when one views the recent publicity on knife crime.

How can we curtail the advance of violence in this country when the government refuses to believe that we have a problem?

We need more prisons. We need a tougher stance on crime. Nobody wants to step out of line but until someone does then crime will continue to escalate. Whenever the government is approached about crime they quote their own corrupt stats which really are not the point. The stats are unacceptable because most people cannot see the point of reporting crime. All they get is a crime number for insurance purposes.

When will someone really get a grip on crime?


Anonymous said...

Look at the UKIP policies on crime. They are quite superb, they reflect what most decent people seem to want, and they are so well explained...."The UK Independence Party regards freedom from crime as essential, indeed UKIP believes
that after freedom to rule ourselves, freedom from crime is the next most important freedom.
Whilst UKIP acknowledges that the total eradication of all crime is unlikely, UKIP argues that
crime would be a fraction of the problem it is now were forthright and sensible measures taken.
However, these measures cannot be taken whilst our membership of the European Union (EU) means we can have these decisions over ruled by EU Courts, such as the European Court of Human Rights.

bryboy said...

UKIP have many good policies but they seem unable to command the respect of the public at large. None of the smaller parties seem to be able to turn common sense into votes which is a source of huge frustration for me in particular. The cause of this is the stance taken by the main steam media who generally have a vested interest in maintaining the two party system. Tks for your interest