Tuesday, 3 June 2008


At 08.30 this morning my wife set off to take her car in for a service. The journey across Loughborough is about 2 miles but it was of course at peak travel time. Even so this journey only involves five turns, three roundabouts and crucially five sets of traffic lights.

At 9.05 my daughter rang because my wife had still not arrived at the garage (she was bringing her home). I report this because it illustrates just what is happening in Loughborough today. It is rapidly becoming gridlocked because nobody has thought how to cope with the vast amount of traffic which heads towards the university every weekday morning.

Throw in critical roadworks which always seem to be occurring and most people face an horrendous start to their day. When one considers the huge salaries being paid to those who plan the traffic flow it beggars belief that someone cannot think up a way to relieve the problems. For example the approach road to the university has three sets of traffic lights all within two hundred yards of the main entrance. Each set is used continually by hundreds of students who constantly disrupt the traffic flow.
If a 'spider' bridge was constructed over the road then the traffic would flow between the two major islands without obstruction. It could also designed attractively and become a feature of the university.

The problem in Loughborough is that nobody seems to want to help the situation. One gets the impression that these overpaid officials are only out to show everyone who is in charge. Everywhere we have examples of outrageous and obstructive planning and yet nobody ever seems to even try and ease the situation.

Long after major cities like Derby did away with speed bumps they were introduced into Loughborough. These bumps only cause damage to vehicles. They do not reduce the speed of the traffic because I have seen many a driver just bounce over them. They are a nuisance and that is why they are there so that Council officials can demonstrate who is in charge. What on earth do mini roundabouts bring to the table? Once again they just disrupt the traffic flow because the old voluntary 'give way' system was simple, effective and it worked. That is why it had to be changed. We now have mini roundabouts all over the place even when a simple right turn is the only decision drivers have to make.

Instead of imposing barriers to freedom of movement the planners should allow motorists to start making their own decisions again. I tell you what the traffic would start to flow but it will never happen because one cannot let the general public have any decision making power. That would never do! After all what is the point of having power if you don't abuse it!

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