Saturday, 14 June 2008

Dr Ron Paul - American Hero?

Hands up all those who have heard of Ron Paul? No I thought not because I have not seen a mention of him either on TV or in the mainstream media but he is causing a major kerfuffle over the pond in the United States.

For weeks we have been treated to extended reports about 'Hillary' and her battle with Barack Obama for the Democratic nomination for the Presidency. We also hear about the Republican candidate who seems to have a bit of a dodgy reputation but we haven't heard anything about Ron Paul.

Well up until last week he too had intentions of running for the office of President but then he pulled out in favour of an Internet 'Campaign for Honesty'. He has set out his stall with a string of honest proclamations which are requirements for the 'Campaign for Honesty' and apparently thousands are signing up for it every day.

The amazing thing is that Ron Paul is ideally placed to run this campaign because he is, amazingly for a politician, squeaky clean. His family background is spotless and he has never even accepted a junket paid for by the government. He has never voted against the American constitution and he voted against the Iraq war.

Now I believe that Ron may have just started a revolution because like our political scene American politics is pretty dirty. Only those with money have a chance of succeeding and there are only two main parties, you know, take it or leave it. Now one man comes along with an instinct for what the man in the street really wants - HONESTY! I shall be following this campaign with interest and one further thought struck me...could David Davis do the same thing over here? He has really upset the Westminster village which is a pretty good starting point.

Finally I wonder when the British Murdoch dominated press and the Labour supporting BBC will allow you to know about Ron Paul. Don't hold your breath now!

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