Friday, 27 June 2008

Henley By-Election Result!

The electorate in Henley appear to have reflected the mood of the people generally when they cast more votes for the BNP than they did for Gordon Brown in the latest by-election! Well at least it's a start and I still can't believe that the NoLab candidate managed to find slightly more than a thousand people to vote for him!

I cannot ever remember a government candidate losing a deposit but it emphasises that our PM should do the decent thing and let go of the helm that is if he can find it. To relentlessly continue to deny the will of the people will eventually, in some aspects, put him into the same category as other dictators.

Most of the TV political programmes are now brazenly questioning his ability and it must be crystal clear that he cannot recover the lost ground in time to mount even a token challenge at the next election. If he left then he could sit down in from of a mirror and get someone to teach him to knot a tie properly. It pains me to see our Prime Minister appear time after time in front of the cameras with a knot that a schoolboy could better! I think that this simple matter ruins his stature but no doubt he will never see it.

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