Monday, 16 June 2008

The Death Penalty!

Our much criticised PM today hosted the American President in a much trumpeted visit to our shores. They stood side by side and the only pronouncement that sprang forth was our commitment to send yet more young lads to Afghanistan! This on the eve that 5 members of 2 Para had been killed. We haven't lost 5 Paras in a week since bloody Arnhem for God's sake and they still don't get the point!

We cannot win in Afghanistan! History tells us that this impoverished nation has always been a breeding ground for terrorism or narcotics. Now we could cease narcotics at a stroke by punishing the dealers like they do in countries like Malaysia. Sorry mate you are pushing death and that is your sentence. End of story! It would stop tomorrow!

So now we have to deal with terrorism. Well we still have, on the statute books, the death penalty for traitors. We could still isolate the terrorists and when we find them then, 'Sorry boys and girls you die!' The Westminster village always recoils from this question of the death sentence but we are in troubled times and we must threaten our attackers with a sentence which should dissuade them from their intentions.

This week we passed the significant mark that 100 of our young men had died in this useless war. Nobody has ever given us the figures for the physically or mentally maimed or injured brought about by this politically motivated campaign. I would bet that this would easily exceed a four figure sum. Bush has to rely on our support because without our weak puppets like Blair and Brown then he is naked.

Sooner or later we must face the question! Is it now time to bring back the death penalty and if we don't then we will deserve what we get. And mark my words we will get it whatever it is. Weak nations always lose when the going gets tough and we have the weakest of weak Prime Ministers.

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