Friday, 27 June 2008

The European Union (again!)

According to their own rules if just one member of the European Union votes against the Lisbon Treaty then it cannot be ratified. As we all now know the Irish people, the only people to be given a vote, voted against it but predictably the European elite have absolutely refused to accept this honest and fair outcome.

This is exactly as I predicted because there is nothing honest and fair about the European Union. It rivals Robert Mugabe in it's disdain for democracy. They don't care about democracy because this is a naked and shameful attempt to subvert democratic procedures. They are attempting to conquer nations in exactly the same way that the Soviet Union rode roughshod over Eastern Europe.

This is utterly contrary to everything that we British have been brought up to believe and in my opinion that is why more than anything else that Gordon Brown has lost the confidence of the electorate. He promised us a referendum and then reneged on his election promise. We are not European in thought or deed. We have links to the former Commonwealth countries like Australia, New Zealand and Canada which are far stronger than links to our hereditary enemies like France and Germany.

I am not preaching hatred because I lived for fifteen years in Germany and have many German friends. I actively 'twinned' for over a dozen years and I can tell you that the 'man in the German street' does not want the European Union either (they too have never had a vote). If the European 'elite' who believe in this treaty/constitution had the courage to put the vote to the people then they know that they would lose. There is now however, far too much to lose. Too many officials/members will lose so much because billions of pounds are involved and so many snouts are in the trough that they are absolutely determined to ram this treaty through regardless of any opposition.

In my opinion this will eventually become the modern day equivalent of World War Two. If you have any pride at all in the traditional way of British life then we must oppose this union. As it stands Gordon Brown couldn't win an election to save his life so it would appear that David Cameron is a shoo in to become our next PM but be careful what you wish for.

I am so disenchanted by politics that I would be willing to bet that David Cameron is already signed up by Europe. He would not be in his position unless he was firmly in the European camp. They could not possibly risk a future British leader who may oppose the European Union so when the next election arrives then push for an answer on the European question. What camp is Cameron in? I tell you what my friends he won't tell you but if you read this then you will know.

Please do not let your children and grandchildren down unless you don't care what happens. If you don't care then what are you doing reading this particular blog? If you do care then spread the word. The European Union is out to relieve you of your British nationality... no I am wrong it already has done.

Poeple like Gordon Brown, David Miliband, the Liberals and all the other so called Political parties have already signed your freedom away. Only the ...sshhhh B..N..P and UKIP are fighting for our traditional freedom and you will notice how they are being ridiculed by the mainstream media.

In my local paper people who attended a meeting of the BNP have had to defend the fact that they actually hire a local hall. They are actually a legitimate, legal, political party and although I am not a member and never have been I find myself looking hard at the only credible party who are fighting for a future outside of Europe.

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