Tuesday, 10 June 2008

Democracy and the European Union

Our beloved politicians whenever they want to justify themelves love to trumpet their allegiance to democracy. The problem is that as each year goes by we get further and further from what we British traditionally regard as democracy.

For example our present Prime Minister has never faced an election for the job. The vast majority of NoLab supporters actually voted for Tony Blair. He,at the time, forgot to mention that he had made a pact with Gordon so that when Cherie had amassed sufficient money he would disappear mid term and leave us all to the mercies of a man most had never throught of as PM.

The same goes for the European Union. We have never had a vote on it and won't get one now unless we collectively recover our senses and vote for people who will give us a vote on whether we want to be ruled by unelected foreigners or not. That won't happen because the main stream media have got us all fooled that we must either vote Labour or Conservative and if we want a little by-election protest they allow us to vote LibDem. The fact that there is barely the width of a cigarette paper between their policies matters not a jot as long as the electorate join in the charade.

Last week a veteran Tory MP, Peter Lilley, suggested that the MP's link their pay with the transferral of our powers to Europe. In other words every time we gave away more of our freedom they receive a little less money in their pay packets. It won't happen of course but when you think that the Germans reckon that 80% of their legislation comes from Europe then you realise the seriousness of the situation.

Just to mark your card, the closure of our Post Offices is a European directive, the Data Protection Act comes out of Brussels as do the Home Improvement Packs and the fortnightly bin collections. You know, things that disrupt our normal everyday lifestyles but nothing which will enhance our quality of life.

In 1939 everyone saw that the Nazis were threatening our existence and the country rose up collectively and repelled them. This European Union is a much worse threat to us and yet nobody seems to care. Who are they? Where have they come from? What do they stand for? Nobody can tell you and the politicians don't want you to know because you won't like it. By the time you twig however, it will be much too late for you to do anything.

Every now and then however, little things leak out that they don't want you to know about. The excesses of the Euro MPs are becoming almost legendary. Corruption is reported as being rife. The finances of this monolithic political corporation has never been satisfactorily audited. Nobody can verify their accounts! Can you imagine that happening anywhere else? I think that this one fact makes the European Union ungovernable and therefore unelectable. How can anyone vote for an organisation which cannot explain what they do with the money that they collect from us?

Why do our politicians put up with it? With the exception of a few gallant columnists the main stream media also accepts this as a fait accompli. Sorry folks we are all European now and there ain't anything you can do about it. Just pay your taxes or we will arrest you under some Act which ostensibly deals with terrorism but which we just pushed through parliament while you read the sports pages or worried about Ashley's baby in Emmerdale.

In my humble opinion we have got to change our electoral system. We must ignore the three main parties, although if what I hear is correct the NoLab people are skint and will not be able to fight an election (Yeah believe that if you want because the political elite will prop up NoLab to the last penny because they need they to perpetuate the charade!).

I beseech the British people to think of the European Union as they thought of Adolf Hitler but so much worse. This is a creeping trifid which will engulf us all unless it is dismantled. At the next election vote for any independent candidate or the Greens, the BNP, UKIP or whoever has the courage to stand because they are the last people to stick their heads above the parapet and challenge the political establishment.

If we do not challenge the political elite then as a country we will lose everything that we cherish. Our politicians are dismantling democracy as fast as they can and we must wake up and smell the coffee or even the stench of European corruption!


Anonymous said...

And just for the record, today in Parliament, Brown said in relation to 42 days detention 'the public want it according to the polls'....yes, he really did, essentially that was Brown's killer argument this afternoon. But the public want a referendum on the EU Constitution, according to the 88% polls in 10 constituencies, but he hasn't mentioned THAT in Parliament, has he? And then, what did Cameron say? "If the Prime Minster is saying that it is popular to announce you are going to bang up terrorist suspects for longer without charging them then yes - he is right - it is popular but the point is that we are meant to do what is right in this House."...WE ARE MEANT TO DO WHAT IS RIGHT IN THIS HOUSE! But is that ALL of the time, Mr Cameron, or just when it suits YOU? These words will come back to haunt you, believe me!

bryboy said...

Thanks for your interest and I must admit that is a point really well made. I still think that David Cameron grabbed the leadership of the Tories far too easily. On this rather insignificant blog you have made a major contribution. Time will tell!!