Monday, 16 December 2013

Iceland ....Leaders of a World Free of Multinational Corporations?

Back in May last year I posted about the situation in Iceland where in 2008 their banking system had been looted and their financial sector had collapsed with debts beyond belief.  The people and their elected politicians not least their Prime Minister, Sigmundor David Gunnlaugsson, responded by disbanding some banks and jailing the bankers.

Since then they have opted out of the European Union, they have formed only three relatively small domestic banks to keep the economy going and have gone from strength to strength.  They also adopted sensible and pragmatic economic measures to ensure that their economy recovered and prospered.  They now appear to be a very wealthy little nation.

Now here is the crux!  Their politicians served their people.  Their politicians showed a sense of national pride and their politicians were not on the take from the international corporations who have brought such misery to the people.  Their Prime Minister is a Prime Minister and not a furtive corporate leader.

They do not squander millions every day on the EU.  They don't ignore public opinion and continue to donate our money to China, India, Pakistan and Africa amidst outrage. They put Icelanders first and their country first.  Iceland is therefore an example to us all and it is going even further.

Iceland is as aware as most of us are that we are being snooped upon by 'big' government like never before.  They have therefore introduced '' a rival to 'Skype' and 'E-Mail' based in Iceland.  Potentially this is a huge stride forward in an effort to release the shackles of the huge tax avoiding multinationals.

In my opinion this is genuine leadership.  It is the first instance of genuine, independent, national leadership since the EU was hoist upon us all through the back door.  The Icelanders seem to be determined to make their mark.  I wish them so much luck because I fear that they may need it.  If you have mercenary tendencies you might like to fight for an independent Iceland!

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