Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Syria the Lies are coming home to Roost!

It is now being revealed that the Obama regime lied to the American people about the sarin attack which killed hundreds in Syria!  Most of us remember Senator John Kerry touring Europe trying to drum up support for an attack on the Syrian government on the basis that they had crossed the 'Red Line'.

Now and most of us knew it at the time the sarin attack was carried out by the rebel forces.  The UK was saved from joining in on yet another illegal invasion of a foreign power by a cock-up in the Westmonster electoral process.

So the point of this post is why were David Cameron and William Hague SO convinced that bombing Syria was such a good idea?  In particular did William Hague not betray his position of Foreign Secretary in his desperate attempts to stage manage a scenario which would please his banking masters?

The problem with trying to cheat on the public is that eventually the lies will be outed.  Eventually the intrigue will be exposed and eventually everyone will know that you were not playing with a straight bat.  You were elected to represent the British people not some group of investment bankers. Time to apologies guys and hope that most of the electorate will forget by 2015! 


Anonymous said...

The tragedy my learned friend is that the majority of the electorate WILL forget this, once the pre election bribery starts, we've already had the 'thunderbirds are go' message from the current toff masquerading as Chancellor, the pre buying of votes should fire up soon....''you can trust me to deliver on my promises voters i give you my cast iron guarantee''.

The broken promises, the downright lies and the useless platitudes from these bastards will seem like an ethereal dream when the turkeys once again vote for Christmas.

They forgot about the Bliar and Meddlesome twins deliberately flooding their country with immigrants in order to...hmm have to think about that one, why would two seemingly intelligent, well cunning swine anyway, try so hard to destroy their own country, unless they hated it of course, or they wished to import grateful nulab voters...didn't need to after all did they the bloody fools voted them back in twice more FFS till snotty finally fubarred the bloody place.

Perilous just how close that bloody war vote was though, what was it 13 votes, bloody nora.

You really have to wonder if the bastards who run this place have any common sense, savagely attack Muslim countries causing death to hundreds of thousands of innocent people, then wonder why they hate us, and we've already seen where that can end up, then Dave and Baseball Cap itching to have their own little bit of glory.

Sod it i need a pint, cheers.



bryboy said...

You are right Judd the problem in this country is fear of government. We have been travelling down the road to the state that we once scoffed at East Germany. I also hear that contingency plans are in place to tighten up everything much more both here and in the States. The trouble is that the younger more active members of society have been brainwashed to accept the shit! They have no idea how their lives could improve overnight with a display of guts.