Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Was Mandela all he appeared to Be?

Today at the funeral of Nelson Mandela we saw a round up of all the worlds' thieves and crooks.  In short all the servants of the world's bankers could not resist the opportunity to parade behind the bullet proof screen and pay homage to a man who the mainstream media deify as a saint but who the independent bloggers see in a different light!

People forget the history behind Mandela and his former wife Winnie.  They are tainted by murder and torture this is only one example from informed blogs who refute the legacy of Nelson Mandela.  Here is yet another! I don't know the truth because I am just a researcher.

When I look at the guest list of the people who attended the funeral it made me shudder and when you look at the people that Mandela cozied up to even in later years you begin to think that dark forces are winning the war against the forces of light hands down.

How can Mugabe still attend an event like this? How can the vicious African dictators appear in public when 'Save the Children' appeal on behalf of children who's Presidents have been given billions in  foreign aid from Britain and spent it on fashionable properties in Paris?

Then how can our own PM and President Obama appear taking 'selfies' with the leader of Denmark (a particularly attractive Danish girl that did not please Mrs Obama).  Do they not realise how unpresidential this appears to the public.  Even my imagination went a little awry!

The bankers allowed their servants this event to enhance their profiles.  To some of us it flushed them out.  None of the people behind the bullet proof screen represent the public.  Curiously Tony Blair sat alone at the back.  Well if you sh** the bosses wife you have a limited shelf life Tony!

Enough! But where was Gordon Brown, Nick Clegg, Cathy Ashton, and so many other servants of the New World Order?  Sorry guys only the most villainous were allowed to attend this particular funeral.  Vladimir Putin I understand was not there!  Is that significant?

UPDATE:  Apparently Gordon Brown and Nick Clegg were there!  I should have known.

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