Sunday, 8 December 2013

Why do the Public not understand that Labour has Lost?

When we witnessed the plight of Ed Balls trying to reply to the Chancellor's 'triumphant' Autumn Statement last week the media will have you believe that his career has been destroyed.  When we read of the so called coke snorting Rev Flowers heading the Co-Op bank which has for decades funded the Labour Party.  When we read that Labour and Unite tried to rig the Falkirk By-Election.  When we read that 13 years of Blair/Brown took us into illegal wars and almost destroyed the economy of the country then surely,surely nobody left would be stupid enough to vote for Labour led by a man who politically destroyed his own brother.

Every fabric of my political acumen tells me that nothing about Labour and the Unions is trustworthy.  They are a party of sleazebags almost as bad as the LibDems. Therefore the next election should be fought out between the Tories and UKIP?

Hoewever a recent poll for two key marginals paid for by a UKIP supporter arrived in the mainstream media.  In Great Grimsby Labour are miles ahead (40%) and in Dudley North they are even further ahead (45%) with both the Tories and UKIP toiling approx 20% behind! The LibDems are suffering from the leadership of Nick Clegg (2% in Great Grimsby)!

Just who are these people who are ignoring all the evidence of electoral fraud and sleaze to continue to vote Labour.  Well they don't read the papers, most of them cannot follow politics closely so do we have a lot of people fearing that they may lose benefits?

Many of these traditional working class Labour supporting areas have also been heavily affected by immigration. So  perhaps the immigrants are voting to keep their avenues open and their benefits intact. The Conservative candidate for the 2015 elections is Afzal Amin and since 2010 the Conservative vote has collapsed in Dudley North by 12% where UKIP has advanced to 14%.  The Lib Dems have lost 9% and Labour has gained 6%.

If the polls of these two key marginals are typical then, despite their appalling record, Labour will win hands down and we will once again been confronted by the political lunatic asylum!  It is clear that to prevent this UKIP and the Conservatives will have to fathom out a plan for unity. It will not happen however with David Cameron supporting the EU. 


Anonymous said...

Agreed there is something sad about anyone with an ounce of common sense voting for Labour, but i really thought over the last couple of years that it might feasably, terrifyingly, really happen and we get them again.

Recent developments however, including Osborne's optimistic declarations of jam tomorrow (which the MSM has swallowed hook line and sinker) and Labours reactions show that its not yet decided by any means.

You really have to wonder about the modern Conservative party though, faced with the worlds biggest open goal, the full herd of wasters and no hopers imaginable, headed by Snotty at the time and they couldn't even get a majority against them...Jesus wept that takes some doing.

Labour have an even stranger bunch of weirdos at the helm now, and still the Cons are likely to need that seedy little two faced Cleggy to prop them up for another bloody no hope coalition.

If the Cons can't beat these useless bastards they don't deserve a majority.

Trouble is, there isn't a difference between the the three parties when you take a long hard look, they all want to integrate even more into the EU...ignore the bollocks from Cameron and others about renegotiation it isn't going to happen in any meaningful way.

I'm not too sure about a Con/UKIP alliance, fundamental differences there, Cons want to be a full member of the EU with all that entails and uncapped immigration, not fogetting giving constantly increasing borrowed money away as foreign aid bribes.

UKIP don't want any of this (thank the Good Lord), and i can't see UKIP bending, Cast Iron Cameron will say anything to garner a vote and appears unprincipled.

Thats one of the things i like about UKIP, principles and sticking to guns, honesty and integrity means more than all the broken pie in the sky promises in the world.

Would you really trust Cameron, or any Conservative front bencher? if they told me it was daylight outside i'd have to bugger off out and look for meself.

Blowed if i know where its going, but it doesn't look good.



bryboy said...

Tks for your contribution Judd. we certainly agree on most things. I attend my first UKIP meeting tomorrow evening so I shall be able to sum up the local effort. I get the feeling that we are starting from grass roots at the local level. Still Con/Lab/Lib continue to give us purpose to organise opposition.

stygian said...

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