Thursday, 19 December 2013

David Icke? Nutter or Hero?

David Icke
For many years David Icke has been vilified by the mainstream media.  He has been pilloried and satirized and demonized and yet he continues stoically to promote his almost one man campaign against the international corporations and the Illuminati!

Now I do not pretend to be able to compete with his extensive knowledge of history and bloodlines but more and more I am being drawn towards him on YouTube primarily because predictions that he made years ago are coming true.

David Icke was a sportsman and a prominent mainstream media commentator and he threw it all away to become a 'lone' figure of fun!  He alone went against the tide of global modernization when it was fashionable to support the EU, Foreign Aid and mass immigration.  It is all on YouTube.

The predictions of David Icke that appear in his books, his films and his opinions that were once vilified are unfortunately coming true.  He has a healthy interest in the occult and the history of family bloodlines.  That of course marks him out as a nutter

Now look I am not into religion or the occult but the fight between good and evil, the white swan and the black swan, the cults that exist within the freemasons, the paedophiles and the Illuminati families have been recorded for centuries. It is ongoing!

I sometimes believe that we should be a little more open-minded? Perhaps the century old debate about the occult and the followers of the occult is true!  Perhaps the documented evidence that someone like George 'Dubya' Bush was a member of an organisation called 'Scull and Bones' when he was at Yale University should make us say well ...'Why'?

In the meantime how has David Icke survived?  Perhaps he does not threaten the trillionaires from the Rothschild  family who clearly rule the world (apart from North Korea and so far Syria).
He has probably ruined a normal life for himself which of course is his choice but that took courage.  That took dedication and belief.

If you believe in Christianity then you have to believe that the Occult exists. If you believe that the Occult exists then you must somehow come to the conclusion that you are currently on the losing side! If you have a religious conviction whether you are Christian/Muslim/ or any other religion you are losing out to the Occult.

I am not per se a religious person.  I do not believe in the accepted church vision of religion.  I do however believe that there are forces of good and evil.  David Icke preaches this. David Icke has deep beliefs and he has courage.  Look him up on YouTube because he has been talking for many years.  For example he predicted the current rash of volcanoes, tsunamis and earthquakes over 10 years ago!  It is food for thought and if you get more curious then check out the families who he believes have the reptilian bloodlines!


Anonymous said...

Hi Bryboy.
Maybe you should look at an alternative view of dear old David at earthlinggb's blog. Truth is simple, lies are complex. Keep it simple!
Merry xmas.Happy hunting (for the truth that is)

bryboy said...

Thank you Morgan YOU are on my reading list! happy Christmas to you too!

Rickie said...

Its all about believing without any facts, if the world took Icke seriously and conducted reptile tests on humans he would then claim the reptiles were far too clever to be discovered.

The scam that Icke pulls is a clever one of phsyco babble about love and all that which has truth running through it and then the fucked up stuff gets slotted in to make it seem more beliveable.

Icke has done what he could never achieve in tellyland, he his producer, publicist, act, author and is in complete control of the lot, the lizard stuff is a gimmick cos he can't bend spoons like uri geller.

Merry christmas