Friday, 20 December 2013

New Target - South Sudan!

File:Generals of South Sudan.jpg
Senior military commanders in South Sudan!
The regime changers are rattling their swords again and this time we are back to the Sudan region.  In only 2011 the people in South Sudan voted almost unanimously to secede from Sudan and only became an independent country in July 2011.

Now the Americans are rumbling on the border 'in order to protect the American nationals in the country' and anybody with half a brain can see that trouble is, yet again brewing and the people will be the ones to suffer.  They could not complete their tyranny in Syria so let us have a go somewhere else.

I am absolutely sick of this Obama  administration and their continued thirst for war.  It is becoming clear now that it is America that is the bringing terrorism to the world at almost every occasion. Perhaps the South Sudanese need a brand new American Central Bank!


newsboycap said...


Surely a Zionist central bank.
Perhaps the south Sudanese don't pay enough to Big Pharma, or they don't yet have a smoking ban, or they haven't yet forced Gay marriage on the locals, or they don't pay enough Tax, or they aren't yet with the Global warming agenda.
Maybe they are enjoying a little bit of Freedom until the gud 'ol US of A decide to bomb the shit out of them for being Extremists, looking at the wrong websites, believing that they were/are free from the the corrupt (north) Sudanese.
Lets be honest unless we all subjugate ourselves the the rule of the Bankers and Agenda 21 we all may experience Iraq,Afghan,Libya...South Sudan.

bryboy said...

Hello NBC, This is apparently an oil rich zone! The multinationals (Rothschilds)just scoop it all up! They have been cheating everyone for centuries!