Monday, 16 December 2013

Muslims in Iceland?

I do like to research my subject and I had no sooner posted my last when I dropped upon this little beauty!  Why on earth would Muslims want to go and live in Iceland?  Do you remember when they first came to Britain in little inoffensive groups and then began to push for more and more autonomy.

In fifteen years they battered our borders down and now dominate most of our inner city ghettos.  They have completely changed the demography of large areas of our country and I cannot see anything positive that they have introduced to the country.

Now the city of Reykjavik has stated that it can only give one plot of land for the building of a mosque and lo and behold they have two groups of Muslims who both want a mosque.  It is laughable but then we have seen it all before here.  They have done it in Australia as well and in most major European countries.

This is the very beginning of the attack on Iceland which I warned of in my previous post.  These people are probably all professional agitators well versed in law and politics.  I just hope that the Icelanders have learned from what has happened elsewhere.   Vikings pay homage to your heritage and do not take one step back!


Rickie said...

For fucks sake, i wouldn't worry about bloody muslims in Iceland, if a muslim star striker turned out for Derby County you would be the first to kiss his arse and preach openmindness and tolerance if you thought he would be given to Forest on a free transfer cos of his religion or race.

bryboy said...

Er I don't quite get your point Rickie? Can you run that past me again?

Rickie said...

My point is worrying about muslims in an obscure country hardly any of them would want to live is bonkers, and calling it an attack is just plain daft.

Why not encourage muslims to go to Greenland/Iceland where there is plenty of space?, the football stuff is exactly what you would trot out if you were faced with a wonder muslim striker being forced out by racists at Derby County.ibistab

bryboy said...

Tks for responding Rickie. I respect your point BUT this is my point. Iceland has taken a stand against the multinationals and the EU. They are a very small country but they are only country who are standing up to the international corporations. I have nothing against Muslims per se but their religion is being used to change the ethnicity and character of the country.

Iceland is a classic case. It is really ridiculous to suggest that any Muslim would really want to live in Iceland (when their nearest embassy is located in Stockholm) unless they were political activists intent on causing trouble.

Personally I don't give a shit about the religion of any Derby County striker! If he is good enough then I would kiss his arse but thankfully in recent years we have not had too many!

For all I know, Connor Salmon, Chris Martin Johnny Russell or Mason Bennett could all be Muslims but they do not want to build the first Mosque in Iceland!

Tks for your interest Rickie we are all entitled to our opinion on this blog.