Friday, 13 December 2013

The Lies and Obfuscation within the Mainstream media!

They just can't bring themselves around to tell us the truth!  News has been breaking that Nelson Mandela actually died way back in June but for reasons better known to the South Africans they decided to pretend that he was still alive. 

Perhaps too many people actually knew that he was dead to promote the myth of his survival further. This where I got it from and 'The Tap' is also reporting it.  So it has been out in the open for some time but nowhere have I heard it reported within the corporation controlled media.

The BBC at lunch time was still burbling on about the queues of people lining up to view the body.  I believe that if something like this has occurred, for whatever reason, the media has a duty to investigate the reason.

I am rapidly coming to the conclusion that we should throw away the newspaper (apart from the football reports) and seek the truth from the Blogosphere.  I have therefore done something that I should have done years ago.  I have updated the list of the blogs that I visit most often.  Most of them are in some way or other trying to inform you about what is happening in the world.

Add them all together and there are plenty more and you have the beginnings of a truth seeking exercise.  I apologise that my lack of IT skills do not put you directly through to the blogs but Google Chrome in every case has found the right one. I shall be working on this. 

After seeing the spectacle of the three state heads playfully taking 'selfies' at a state funeral I have decided from now on to dispense with titles like President and Prime Minister and call them all Corporate Heads of State because they sure have lost the right to represent me.  The only thing about that funeral that rang true was the beautiful sound of the South African leader being roundly booed by his own people.  Even the corporate media could not drown that out!


Anonymous said...

It must be getting on for 30 years now since i bought a bloody propaganda daily, and probably a bloody sight longer since i even glanced at a Sunday rag.

Very very seldom watch the news, definately not the state broadcaster, or mainstream documentary or expose programs, if my lovely Mrs happens to see the news i guarantee she's got the hump and fuming at what she hears, yes she's as pissed off with the whole soddin mess as you and i.

Its enlightening finding other sources of what you want to know about, and absobloodylutely marvellous not having to listen to all the bollocks thats the news item of the day.

Made a point of avoiding all that shite about the death of a South African terrorist, sod 'em i didn't want to hear about him when he was alive, buggered if i'm even remotely interested that he's dead.

Carry on the good work Bryboy, there's a growing number of us who not only disbelieve the bullshit, we've also grown to despise those make the MSM and those who report it for their owners.



bryboy said...

Hello mate. my question always is how can we harness this antipathy to the Political Class? At the moment only Nigel Farage appears to have the answer. I never thought at my age I would be forced to become a political activist but it is coming.
Legally we don't have an alternative and he is the ONE person who is bringing like minded people together. A world wide blogosphere action would be brilliant but we are all individuals and have families and responsibilities and this is why I salute people like Annie Machon! Tks for your continuing interest.