Sunday, 25 August 2013

Holidays - The Western Isles

I will probably be off line for the next week or so as I am off to the Outer Hebrides for a brief holiday.  It is my intention to 'wild' camp on a deserted white sand beach while I still can!  I think that the western coast of Harris looks perfect on 'Google Earth' and it will also be quite central for further exploration.

I just hope that the weather is not impossible!  I expect rain and midgies but severe storms would probably force me back into the car.

Anyhow the plan is to walk, take photographs and relax. I will eat, drink and sleep when I want and I just hope that I am not disappointed.  Goodbye cruel world!


Simon Palmer said...

Sounds wonderful - I spent 3 months in one summer touring northern Scotland and the Western Isles on a bike, with my girlfriend and a tent. Glorious memories but I doubt my knees would get me up the hills any more on a bike! Going by car is more sensible and you can take shelter if needed! A word of warning though, you can get some real jobsworths who will kick you off a beach if wild camping - it happened to us a few times (and that was 30 years ago). Have a great trip.

bryboy said...

Tks Simon I missed your comments before I departed but I'm back now with a strange tale to tell!

bewick said...

Didn't actually miss you Bryboy because I was confined to a hospital bed and hooked up to a heart monitor. Ah well at least I got a rest and a wake up call!!!