Thursday, 15 August 2013

What IS Happening in Egypt?

I do wonder the reason for the bloodshed in Cairo? Why has the interim government decided to go in so hard against the Muslim Brotherhood?  Is this the first round of the forthcoming world battle against Islam?

If we examine the middle east conflicts of the past 20 years, most of them caused by people that I call 'regime changers', there has not been one single success.  We live in what we laughingly term a 'democracy' but it does not appear to work in arabic speaking countries.

Ever since Blair/Bush concocted a reason to invade Iraq we have had a series of national disasters in the middle east.  I omit the Israel/Palestine conflict because that will probably never change but Iraq, Libya, Syria and now Eqypt have all had interference from 'regime changers'  and although every deposed leader was a tyrant the consequences have been disastrous for the people.

The Muslim Brotherhood have been described as 'terrorists' but I would also use that term to describe the 'regime changers' because every time that they interfere they cause terror and look at Syria as an example. Our useless politicians, who are only servants of the 'regime changers' continue to make the wrong decisions because they are paid to do so.

I just wonder if the Cairo of today could become the Luton of tomorrow?  If we do not soon elect a totally different set of politicians then our future could be very fragile.

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