Sunday, 18 August 2013

The Real Cost of HS2!

Today the Daily Mail highlights the true cost of HS2.  Typically it is outlandish for a project which we do not need. The real cost will be in the environmental disasters required to drive this monstrosity through our countryside.

It was never the best kept secret that this is the final leg of the EU high speed rail network and as such will have little political opposition from within Westmonster.  It is however, so ill conceived and so costly that for any British politician to accept a plan that has no business merit whatsoever is almost akin to treason.

Many wildlife habitats, areas of natural beauty, and family homes will be destroyed just to accede to a mad socialist concept emanating from Brussels.  What does it take for our politicians to ditch this crazy proposal? Why would they even consider it?

Well we are now more aware than ever that many of our elected politicians have access to the EU gravy train. That can be the only reason for this madness.  It may have to be up to the public to stop it so those of us who are not directly affected by the upheavel should at all times support those that are.  This is one project that should be stopped at all cost!

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