Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Does Skegness Really Reflect our Nation?

Today my wife and I took the grandchildren to 'Skeggy' and we had a great day out.  We picnicked on the beach, the kids paddled in the sea (despite my horror at the wind turbines that have sprung up exactly at the spot where the public would not want them) and then they hit the funfair.

We had decided that as they had never been to Skegness before we would make it memorable so we bought them armbands (£14 each) knowing that these two daredevils would more than get their money's worth. The sun was shining brightly (why did I take sun screen to Lanzarote and not to Skeggy?) and I now glow!

Whilst the kids were screaming on the 'Waltzers' and 'The Extreme' it gave me a chance to sit quietly viewing the British public and it was not a pretty sight.  Now I concede that Skeggy is not the best drawing card but the town is not at fault.  The town offers all the attractions of a normal seaside resort.  The old seaside smells have all but gone and the beach, the donkeys, the funfair and the shops are all still there.

My beef is the people.  Anyone from 'Planet Zog' would seriously blink at the British people on holiday in Skegness.  How can I put this?  We have a vastly overweight population (mainly women and kids), who are over tattooed ( particularly the women) scruffily but sexually dressed (where has our fashion sense gone?) accompanied by a miscellany of VERY unhappy, ignorant and ill-disciplined children.

The politics of the past forty years have at last completed their brief.  Nobody could possibly be proud of the British working class today. Now I realise that many of the people that I saw today were not 'working' class because they were the 'unemployable' class.

We had a great day and loved Skegness but my impression of  the British people at the lower end of the spectrum was frankly mind blowing!  We have a long way to go to bring back national pride.


Anonymous said...

I agree with you Bryboy, but surely the ones you describe are not working class. My impression is they belong to an underclass who have never worked, never needed to and have no desire to. Definitely not working class.

I took my family to the beach, the family that sat close to us enjoyed there cigarettes and Stella cans, And the heavily pregnant mother who was indulging in them as well, was rather put out when the old man told her he hadn't any weed to share.



Anonymous said...

As a resident of skegness I can only agree with your views.
Unfortunately standards in the general public/children and general beings have all lost their pride and respect.
These apparitions are all over any popular resorts uk and Europe.
It will never be how it used to be.



bryboy said...

Tks for your comments guys. I do not like commenting like this but we are becoming a very sad nation. I also saw Indian and Muslim families enjoying the funfair and they were impeccable. We as a nation must actually punish people for falling below acceptable standards. The question is will we ever get leaders who have a sufficient moral code to reverse what they have so far supported? Our politicians are mere puppets of their paymasters. I can only see Nigel Farage as an opposition and that worries me. Why have we only got one politician opposing the EU?

Anonymous said...

This has all been part of the effort to turn us into a nation to be ashamed of rather than be proud of. Then they ship over 'impeccable' Asian families to show us how it should be done when we knew already until vulgarity became celebrated (see Big Brother, et al).
In my more cynical moments I'm convinced that TPTB are pushing us to a point where we will demand that people cover up - a bit like your 'people should be punished' sentence. That will fit nicely with the coming Sharia law won't it.



I too have just returned from a week in Lincolnshire with our two young grandchildren (2 & 6 years)and experienced the same sad sights as we arrived at 'chav central' where it looked like the audience from the Jeremy Kyle show had booked in to what was advertised as a 'luxury caravan site' Having driven through Skegness, we opted to spend our days in the more 'genteel' Mablethorpe, where there was a better beach and further away from the static wind turbines'

As for 'tattoos' - even the children (some little more than babies) were sporting stick-on ones!

I genuinely fear for this once proud nation.

bryboy said...

As you all know (if you have revisited this blog) I have been on holiday. So tks to Pete and Roger the Pilot for their comments. I have never know such interest in a story since I commented on the 7pm story line on Emmerdale which featured two men kissing. Clearly the destruction of the morality of our society is causing concern and IT SHOULD!