Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Addressing Sleaze and Corruption!

Godfrey Bloom wants to address real 'Issues'!
It is becoming increasingly difficult to write about the political scene in the UK because almost everywhere one looks there appears to be some form of abnormal behaviour.  All three of the mainstream political parties appear to be in disarray.  Nobody appears to be in control of the country and as such the British people are being continually ripped off!

Fuel and utility prices are apparently not being monitored by government sources.  Rail prices continue to escalate out of control. In many areas commuter services are woefully inadequate.

The UK Border Service is still not monitoring immigration adequately.  We are an island society and yet it would appear that anyone can arrive here legally or illegally and remain despite some examples of atrocious behaviour. Who is following up and evicting illegals?

It took the 'bongo-bongo' outburst from Godfrey Bloom of UKIP to highlight the treasonable waste of public funds haemorrhaging to unworthy African dictators who cream off huge amounts for personal gain.  Why is this still being allowed? Why are we funding Indian and Nigerian space programmes? Why are we funding  the purchase of Pakistani jet fighters when we cannot afford to man our own aircraft carriers?

These are all questions which should be addressed in Westmonster but all we get is a constant repeat of party political trivia.  Accordingly the Labour party is devoid of meaningful policies, the Conservative party is losing membership and the LibDems under Clegg have become irrevelant.

I have yet to even mention the scandalous amounts handed out to the EU every month and this is why the British public should become concerned.  Our political class are handing out shed loads of public money and then declaring that we are trillions in debt and we, the public, must face austerity.  It is despicable behaviour but somehow, come election time, the British public do not hold them to account!

Every aspect of the services delivered by government is failing.
No matter where we look, Immigration, Education, Health and Welfare, Transport, Justice and Foreign Policy we face chaos and yet they all go berzerk when Godfrey Bloom uses the term 'Bongo-Bongo land'. It is high time that this country went back to straight talking and increasingly used the term 'treason' to describe what is happening to our money!


Simon Palmer said...

Don't forget that Mr Bloom himself is a massive recipient of taxpayers' money - he's hoovered up millions during his tenure in Brussels without being a regular attendee there.
That has upset me because I'd thought UKIP might be different but he has carried on the time-honoured traditions of screwing the taxpayer for whatever he can.
The fact he was right on Bongo-Bongo Land does not excuse his own conduct.

bryboy said...

Simon tks for your interest. I have to admit that I am still monitoring the progress of UKIP. My problem is that NONE of the mainstream political parties meet the public. UKIP hold public meetings. Your point is well made but at the moment I believe that they are the only game in town! It is probably a sobering thought that all our politicians have innumerous opportunities to cream off money from the public. The EU allows all its politicians to cheat the public. Like you I am also disappointed if Godfrey Bloom has misused his opportunity but perhaps it is a lesson that in mainstream politics you should be accountable.