Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Syria... Yet Again!

The regime changers are becoming desperate.  They have so far failed to put a dent into President Assad of Syria so they are inventing media stories.  If I have a regular follower. then you will recognize that I have never believed any of the media stories that regularly appear on all our news screens.

The reason is that they never have credible footage of any chemical attack.  They appear to mock up grainy, unsubstantiated pictures of people who have been affected by some sort of attack but there is never any proof.  I have always said that if President Assad wanted to lose world support then he should do just that!  Obama (I shudder every time I blog about that alleged 'fraudster') has declared that chemical weapons would be his 'red line'.  If that was proven then intervention from western powers would occur so that someone is trying to create the 'red line'.

In the meantime William Hague exposes himself to the criticism that he is being paid by 'regime changers' to influence the UK by, without proof, accusing the Syrian government forces of genocide. 
Now the BBC is weighing in with Hague so we now know that this chemical attack is possibly being concocted. 

All the forces that the BBC parades in front of the public are people who encouraged the invasion of Iraq and Libya. They are experienced enough to encourage an escalation of war (yet again) when the bottom line is that Syria is one of a handful of countries still to reject a Rothschild Central Bank!

Our mainstream politicians are all in the same boat.  In my opinion they are all being bribed and influenced by the EU's access to the huge public funds into which we all are forced to contribute. The Regional Councils, the Quangos, the County Councils, our MP's and even our local officials all dip into the gravy train.

Only people like President Assad say NO!  


bewick said...

Yes the Beeb still "leans" to the government view that ALL the atrocities are by Assad. It MUST be him surely?
They fail to take note that there are proven instances of islamists setting up fake propaganda videos - in palestine, Syria, and elsewhere. They also fail to recognise or admit that islamists will think nothing of slaughtering their own if it will "promote the cause". At least Jeremy Bowen was unwilling to say that Assad did it. He even pondered on whether the videos might have been faked.
SOME progress then. Even so. IF the UN inspectors are able to say with certainty that chemical weapons WERE used (also capable of faking) I very much doubt that they have any chance of determining who used them so empty gesture!

bryboy said...

Hello Bewick nice to hear from you again. I cannot understand why more people are not challenging these videos. In this day and age they are always so crude. I agree that Jeremy Bowen looks somewhat uncomfortable at times. I cannot understand why Assad does not allow the UN Inspectors to go in but then they are 'UN' Inspectors so perhaps not!

Anonymous said...

Tim Marshall at Sky certainly doesn't tow the government line.