Thursday, 22 August 2013

The Faked they Influence the Public!

Look I see a lot of stuff so I have become cynical.  The only reason that I see a lot of stuff is because I look for it.  I believe implicitly that the mainstream news is being manipulated by the media moguls all of whom are controlling the world.  Call them what you want but somebody, somewhere has corrupted the mainstream media and they are feeding us a message that they want you to believe.

So I will say nothing more...just watch this clip and make up your own mind about the amateurish attempts to influence the west that are emanating from Syria and probably Egypt and probably so many other places.  I also include places like Sandy Hook and so many other American atrocities.  Can they really fake anything and you must ask yourself why would they want to? 

UPDATE:  Apparently this story has been blocked and you cannot now access it! You must ask yourselves why?  Here is the follow up from 'Beforeitsnews'.

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