Sunday, 7 October 2012

Harbinger and BryBoy?

I have recently had an altercation on my blog between two contributors. It was lengthy and at times venomous. Hell, the only other time that I have had 20 comments was when I upset the gay community so I was quite pleased to attract the attention. 

This blog normally attracts only friends and family and a few people who have found it independently but 'Captain Ranty' has also given me a platform which I have always appreciated.

I do however express opinions which are controversial. I read, I research and I know when something is wrong with our society. I have consistently claimed that there is a malign influence in British society which is being created without public approval. Our politicians have a disconnect with the British public which is unhealthy. Our police now have a disconnect with the British public which is unhealthy. 

Our army is engaged is an inexplicable war in Afghanistan which has never been explained. Our soldiers have been constantly repatriated in hearses and we don't know why? So I question? I cry when I see the families mourn their dead because I share their grief. Who has deployed our forces into a war that cannot be won?

How can our presence in Afghanistan be justified? So why are we there? We are there because people who control and order our politicians require our troops to fight on their behalf. The British are brave and the British are malleable so let them be the bankers' mercenaries.

The power of the blogosphere allows me to express my honestly held beliefs. So back to the point of the post...I attracted a guy who holds highly controversial opinions. He calls himself 'Harbinger' and comments on many blogs. He has a lot to say for himself but then he has also done a lot of research. 

I have another contributor 'Newsboycap' who I believe knows 'Harbinger' (I don't know either of them) but they have regularly encouraged this blog. I know that our society is under threat. We really have to fend off the threat of being a second East Germany. 

We have accommodated mass immigration, We have accommodated a European judicial system (Human Rights) and we have lost our fishing industry, our manufacturing industry and our British humour. We can no longer mock each other in jest.

Someone or something has attacked our society which at one time attracted anyone who valued fair play and democracy. We now have to watch what we say, our children cannot play outside unmolested and we whisper in corners if we want to be honest. Tell me honestly that the views of 'Harbinger' are not well placed.

He is actually voicing an alternative voice. Something entirely different from the mainstream media and he can be challenged. I believe that he should have a voice because some of what he has to say has a resonance. We have major problems of perception in our society and we need people to project an alternative opinion. 

So I can understand people being upset by what Harbinger has to say but let him have his platform because somewhere in the ranting is an enlightenment. He really is trying to tell us something... just read between the lines. (Neutrino please don't regard this as a criticism...I so agreed with so much that you challenged but some things have to be aired).

SAB tks!


NewsboyCap said...


Thanks for the mention, but no I do not know our friend Harbinger personally.
I first 'read' Harby when he used to write his own Blog. Yes I found him controversial, yes it could be quite painful reading, but, he spoke like some of the older guys whom I had been apprenticed to many years ago. Men who spoke their minds and didn't worry about 'Offending' people, this was a time before political correctness. "If you don't like what I say, then FUCK OFF, don't listen" was their attitude.
Harbingers blog sort of opened my eyes and ears to stuff that wasn't shown on TV or newspapers, and I'd never thought to look in the library for books about things that previously never entered my head.
So I started to look for the stuff he spoke of. And the more you look at the scarier it gets. I don't want to follow Harbingers' path,I have travelled a little way down it but, personally I feel there is nothing to be done to correct the many wrongs he has seen.
I travel my own path, hoping to find solutions to the problems you have mentioned many times in your blog; council, judicial, police and political corruption, the sickening loss of life of young men/women in appalling illegal wars. The evil that is Usury and Interest.
I have always found Harbinger courteous and polite in his replies, unless of course one gets personal with Ad-hom attacks, but then of course the gloves are off.
I know I cannot speak for Harby and I wouldn't dream of trying but I think he as I, have given-up with the current political parties, who are just mouth pieces for the real controllers, the Bankers and Global Corps who really run things.
Sorry to waffle on.

Anonymous said...

Love reading Harbingers posts, they come from the heart, the absolute truth as he sees it.

The few blogs i read have kept me sane(ish) in recent years, there was a time i felt quite alone, that i had these wrong thoughts.

Well i'm not alone, there are bloody millions of us out there who have seen through the propaganda aimed relentlessly at the great unwashed via a bought and paid for media.

Harbinger as with so many of you bloggers do a great service, you tell the truth as you see it.

I only wish i was articulate and computer savvy enough to blog meself, but content to chip in the odd comment.

Keep up the good work, all of you.



SAB said...

Likewise, the varied comments on this blog have really helped me to open my eyes to what's been going on. I can suggest some of these views to family and friends and they look at me like some sort of nutcase for having such thoughts because they go against the grain.

I have to take much of what I read with a pinch of salt, mainly because I don't want to believe it! I fear for my 2 year olds future and the kind of world he'll be living his life in. All I can do is take an interest, do some research and try and promote the flip side of the coin to friends and family in a tactful manner to try and encourage them to think outside the box and not get brainwashed by the mainstream media and just go with the flow like sheep.

Keep up the good work!

bryboy said...

As you all know guys I am not a professional blogger. I am not in the 'system'. I have no insider knowledge but I write what I write from the heart. SAB knows this because I do know him personally but he was 17 when we last met and now... well who knows? I really value your support because we really do have a flawed governmental system and it needs to be exposed. I will continue and have just found Charlotte Iserbyt who is on Youtube. She is confirming what I already knew that our education system has been corrupted and was/is a joke. If you want to corrupt a country then you begin with the kids. I am learning all of the time and what I learn I will pass on...nicely.

SAB said...

40 :-o

SAB said...

I seem to have lost 23 years? Not sure where they went? :-)

Anonymous said...

To be honest Bryboy I'm appalled that you seem to encourage such views as Herbys on your blog, like he can be excused for vile racism like a favoured old aunt who's lost her marbles but who is to be humoured. He wants the Jewish race to be eliminated and thinks Hitler was right and not one contributor challenged him on it. Why? Is it because if you disagree with him he gets nasty and tells you how knowledgeable hd is and your just a sheep following orders. How he's suffered for his knowledge blah blah blah.

All the stuff he spouts can be found down that rabbit hole we keep referring to, I've been there, it's not a nice place and it's all full of conspiracy theories that
no one can prove or disprove.

You all seem to want him back when you can find it out yourselves.

Kind regards


bryboy said...

Neutrino I am so pleased that you returned because I was concerned that you would be 'upset'. I am trying to open up a debate. I believe that the people who hone into this blog have open minds. We are the people trying to change perceptions. The views of Harby are not my views but they must be heard if this blog is to be honest. Unfortunately the more I research and the more I dig the more he seems to have a point. I hope that you keep in touch because you clearly care.

bryboy said...

NBC tks for coming back and putting me straight. Perhaps we should know each other because we clearly have committed objectives. No matter we are all on the same journey. We seek the truth about the political conspiracy that protects the banking industry against public scrutiny. Sorry I have just entered the 'rabbit hole' but then at one time I was part of the Intelligence world and I love a challenge.