Monday, 8 October 2012

Mitt Romney wants intervention in Syria!

Mitt Romney...the next President?:
Believing like I do that we have a New World Order of bankers who have been manipulating events in this world for the past three centuries and often to the huge cost of human life I was not amazed to hear that the future President of the United States wants to intervene in Syria.

Did I just announce the result of the American presidential election which is scheduled to happen next month... Oops!? Sorry I forgot that a whole nation of people have yet to vote. Of course if you believe in Bambi and Donald Duck then you think that your vote counts. 

Someone once said that it is not your vote that counts it is the people who count your vote that counts. So when Mitt Romney announces that the United States (in support of Israel) wants to escalate the war in Syria and depose President Assad and then Turkey is being drawn into the equation then we have to assume that he will win the  election (wink wink nudge nudge).

So after Syria what next? If you believe that the bankers are so focussed on world domination then they have not very far to go. At the last count it is only Cuba and North Korea to devastate. I look forward to their assault on North Korea because I have never seen a more brain washed people. They are the perfect example of what the Illuminati want to do with the rest of us. Listen to Charlotte Iserbyt and then present an argument.


RSole said...

If that is what he believes then let him lead his soldiers from the front. Give him a gun and line up behind him. He might want his five sons to also put teir lives on the line for his cause.

bryboy said...

Tks for your interest RSole and welcome to my humble home.