Tuesday, 9 October 2012

The Conservative Party Conference.

They are clearly under pressure. I await the speech from David Cameron tomorrow. Today we had bumbling Boris. How can this total idiot be described as a future leader of a party? There is nothing of substance in this guy. He is a product of the media who continually talk him up. In reality he is a weak, privileged serial marital cheat who, without his family's money, would be classed as a buffoon.

Chris Grayling was the star turn today quoting stats which prove that the mass immigration policy has been a disaster for this country. Many thousands of foreign criminals are incarcerated in our jails and cannot be repatriated because of this ridiculous 'Human Rights Act'. He also give us permission to defend our homes against intruders...well thanks Chris but you didn't go far enough. As usual you fudged it because if anyone comes into my home uninvited then he will be stabbed if I get the opportunity.

Do these politicians really believe that we will not defend our loved ones with everything at our disposal? Do they really believe that if a burglar enters a home we would not hesitate to destroy them? What is reasonable force when they could attack your wife? Nobody knows the outcome of an intruder. They could be simple druggies or they could be psychos...who will take the chance?

Our politicians are gambling with our lives. Once again they are handing the advantage to the criminal.  Once again they have refused to protect the public. So what is left?

I just hope that UKIP refuse any approaches from this nest of vipers. The Tories are beginning to realise that many of the people still prepared to vote in 2015 are lining up behind  UKIP. The LimpDems are dead in the water because they broke all their promises ( Huhne, Clegg, Laws...what did you expect?).  Labour will always have their blind loyalty but the Tories are in crisis because their voters are often educated thinkers.

Far too many have now come to the conclusion that the Conservative leadership cannot be trusted. It is not because they  are a 'bunch of posh boys who don't know the price of milk' it is because they have been corrupted by their legacy. The people who have had their wealth created by the bankers must now pay homage.  They must now protect their heritage.  It has happened throughout the past three centuries.

The bankers control every country in the world except North Korea, Cuba, Syria and possibly Sudan. They have bought up all the  major western European politicians who just follow orders. This is not just at national level it is also at local level. Witness the position of the Leicestershire County Council Chairman (David Parsons) who lost his job because he had manipulated his expenses when he visited Brussels! Why did he visit Brussels? What has Leicestershire got to do with Brussels? 

He was clearly receiving orders but about what? Sorry but this country will never get back to normality until we vote for a government who will represent the people and not vested interests. We want a return to local MPs who want to represent their constituents not the ambitions of bankers who have caused so much damage.

So can the Tories deliver? Of course they can't! Their Chief Whip actually ducked their conference today because Andrew Marshall is toxic. They have buried the little git and they should because he is political poison. If UKIP ever, ever, support this cabal of opportunistic posh boys then I am sorry but I will resign my membership!


Anonymous said...

Evening Bryboy. I have been meaning to ask you for a long time now. You keep commenting about how Syria is not under the control of the Jewish banking system. Can you refer me to your sources as although I can assume where you are coming from, what makes Syria different to other arab nations? or is it only Russian intervention there?

Kind regards


bryboy said...

Hello Neutrino I refer back to an article I read (I cannot direct you to it) which maintained that at the turn of the millennium only 7 countries in the world had resisted a Rothschild banking regime.

At the time they quoted, Afghanistan, Syria, Cuba, North Korea, Libya, the Sudan and Iran.
It made a huge impression on me particularly after recent events.

Neutrino I am an innocent in all of this but it has appeared that every country that recently has had a problem was on the list.

After Libya I could not believe the contrived media footaqe on Syria. The blurred and confused images, that appeared on the mainstream media to influence the public that grotesque acts were occurring but no proof.

Neutrino I know nothing! I really don't but I was involved with 'intelligence' for 25 years and I can still detect falsehood.