Sunday, 7 October 2012

The Conservative Party Conference

Tomorrow the final hideous political party conference commences when the Tories take the stage. As I have said many times they have a problem because they are the most deeply divided party of them all. The Socialists have a left and  right of their party but there is not such a mighty divide as exists in the party led by David Cameron.

So tomorrow someone must try and unite the Tories. I don't think that should be possible because the people (the rebels) usually termed 'euro sceptics' should by now be well versed in the calumny of their leaders.

There are no euro sceptics anywhere near the Cabinet. The leadership shuns them. They are invisible and confined to the backbenches for their entire career but tomorrow they are eligible to attend the conference. So I just wonder who will have the guts to put their head above the parapet and tell their leader that, unless he changes course, they could lose the next election? I wonder who will mention the threat of UKIP, the insignificant party who are eating into the Tory membership.

Now let me tell you and this is the point of this post, that the Tory leadership will hint at change on our membership of the EU. They will tell you that they will investigate the powers that we have given to the EU. They will tell you that our membership of the EU must change and they are lying!  They support a hidden enemy and always have. Nothing will change because all they are doing, like Ed Miliband last week, is trying to win a few votes.

None of these politicians have a thought for the public. They are playing a private game because they know that in the end nothing will change. I look forward to listening to what David Cameron will promise his party. He is a good orator like Tony Blair was before him and we all know how false he became!  The heir to Blair could be on trial this week.

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