Sunday, 11 May 2008


So the military junta of Burma is not allowing the appropriate aid agencies to deliver the emergency supplies necessary to assist their people and the caring western world stands back and says there is nothing we can do to help these people?

I am very sorry but we invaded Iraq (although we are still not sure why) and we invaded Afghanistan (but we are still not sure why) but when ordinary people desperately need our help then everyone wrings their hands and trumpets the same mantra - Ok millions will eventually die but there is nothing we can do about it!


I realise the problem that China backs this unbelieveble regime and the same is repeated in Tibet. Our craven governments in the west had better realise that they must confront the Chinese sooner rather than later. We have appeased the Chinese time and time again and they continue to push the barriers back as all dictatorial regimes will. The people of Burma and Tibet deserve better as do the people of Zimbabwe but who will help them? Sorry in the world of high finance they are not worth the trouble.

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