Thursday, 15 May 2008

Crewe and Nantwich

This by-election should be a certainty for the former Labour party as it is generally a working class area who normally would vote as their parents voted. Their previous MP, Glynnis Dunwoody, was a highly respected Labour MP and she has been replaced by her daughter Tamsin (surprise, surprise) which under normal times would ensure victory.

Politicians from everywhere have descended on this heartland of England as they perceive that there may be an upset. Cameron has been there and so has Clegg and one would assume that the leader of our country would wish to back his candidate as well. Gordon Brown however is absent and I would back that he will never step foot in this constituency because he is terrified to face the public. This man never escapes the parliamentary bubble which shields him from public scrutiny. He is a coward and epitomises everything that he and Blair plotted and planned many years ago. They want a parliamentary hierarchy which is unaccountable to the electorate.

They have politicised the Civil Service and the Police Force so much that this country is unrecognisable from the country that I was brought up in and this will come back to haunt them. The Senior Civil Servants who are now little more than Political Special Advisors and the Chief Constables who have been politically appointed (and have in many cases been proven to be psychologically flawed) do not have the experience and the know how to haul this pathetic government out of the very deep hole that they have dug for themselves.

I believe and desperately hope that the electorate in Crewe and Nantwich give this venal government the boot in the goolies that they thoroughly deserve. I also hope that Gordon Brown continues to cling on to his leadership by his well bitten finger nails because he is a loser and will eventually destroy his own party!

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