Friday, 23 May 2008

Gordon Brown

I suppose it has all been written already but I am beginning to shudder every time I hear or see Gordon Brown infront of a TV camera. He just doesn't get it does he? He is quite prepared to destroy his own party rather than do the obvious and honourable thing. He has recently lost so many local election seats and it has been followed up by a disastrous by-election result. Why can't he see that HE is the problem. He is not up to the job and it is becoming more and more obvious.

The British people instinctively know what is wrong with their country. Everything that we ever stood for is being destroyed by NoLab zealots. In fact it has been destroyed and we will never, ever get it back. The strength of the family unit, our sense of values, our humour, our NHS, our Education, our Post Office, our Transport system, our Police Force, our Civil Service our safety, the safety of our children, our dental care, our just goes on and on.

How have we allowed ourselves to be blinded by this crowd who have sold us out to Europe because make no mistake our own elected representatives have very little power left.

At the moment David Cameron is in pole position because the British people are like sheep and are led by the mainstream media into believing that we only have two choices NoLab and Tory. Well I am not convinced that the Tories are the answer and I'm afraid we will soon enough realise that not much will change. A tinker here and a tinker there but nothing major will be done to change the political spectrum.

In another ten years we will still be throwing billions at Europe for no return. Immigrants will still be pouring in and let's face it what does it matter now? Our security has been breached so badly that it would take a major change of policy to throw out all the illegal immigrants and our political parties don't seem to have the stomach for it. NoLab will still preach the mantra of the Human Rights Act which at every turn seems to favour the criminal and the sexual minority whilst ignoring the views and wishes of the family unit and the sexual majority. Common sense is ignored as politicians continue to hide behing the Human Rights legislation.

I look forward to hearing a few more Tory concrete policies but I am not holding my breath. David Cameron is a very lucky guy in that Gordon Brown is such a poor media manipulator it is almost pitiful to watch him trying to fend off the painfully obvious. What he will do with this penalty kick without a goalkeeper is still up for grabs.

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