Wednesday, 14 May 2008


Today I did a very ordinary thing because I went to B&Q with my daughter. She is a gem! She has found christianity which frankly is not my thing but I can see that she gains so much from her beliefs. That is enough for me because when you love somebody as much as I love her then I am not about to question anything that makes her happy.

We stacked up our trollies with items like bagged compost,chippings and growbags for the tomatoes which I have grown from seed. She is very loyal and indulged her dad who has grown far too many tomato plants from seed and now treats them like his babies.

However the point of my story is that when we came to unload our purchases it was my daughter who took charge. SHE unloaded the heavy items with ease and I stood back and watched!! Never in my wildest dreams when I was a Warrant Officer in the army did I believe that my little daughter would eventually overtake me in strength!

Isn't life a reality check?

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Anonymous said...

I was just thinking about our little jaunt too! My reality check was actually enjoying a trip to B&Q with my Dad!! I might have caught you up in the strength, but I'm afraid the brain will never be there with yours! (unless senility hits you soon)!
Nice to hear those words you heaps too x x