Wednesday, 14 May 2008

No Lab

Many weeks ago when I began this BLOG I rechristened the New Labour party as NoLab because none of their policies seemed to adhere to the socialist principles upon which the Labour party was founded. This so called political party has been hijacked by parasites who are purely driven by their own personal greed. When their own parliamentary leader is under unprecedented pressure to keep the NoLab ship afloat then they all stab him in the back!

Book after book is being launched telling the 'truth'about the 'Blair years'. Now the truth about the 'Blair years' is that he was a liar who has cost this country the lives of countless servicemen. He was the worst conman ever produced by our country who should actually be in jail but in effect he has made a packet from his lies and now his wife, who is a national disgrace, is cashing in on her husband's notoriety.

What I don't understand is how many idiots will buy these ridiculous books? Prescott has bulimia; Levy was not guilty of selling peerages for cash and Tony Blair was unaware of the reasons that Professor David Kelly died!

But the purpose of this post is to remind everyone that the only individual left from this army of corrupt incompetents is would you believe .... GORDON BROWN!

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