Sunday, 25 May 2008

Knife Crime

It never ceases to amaze and annoy me when a constant stream of discredited politicians are paraded every Sunday morning on programmes like the Andrew Marr show. All the NoLab mandarins grinned their way through the morning all proclaiming their support for Gordon and of course none of them are plotting to get rid of him.

Meanwhile another family appears in tears mourning the stabbing of yet another decent lad by villains with knives. How is it that nobody on the political spectrum can come up with any measure to stop this senseless waste of young lives? Our PM thinks that we are all so concerned about his bloody economy that this mass murder being committed on our streets is of no concern. He never mentions it. Has it never occurred to him that if he did revise some of his policies on Law and Order then he might gain a vote or two.

We must regain the streets and that means putting police on them. We must punish the knife wielders which such ferocity that they will be petrified to carry one. How I hear you ask? Well how about draw a knife and you lose a hand? OK I can hear you all gasp and shriek about the barbarism of the suggestion. Why? Is killing an innocent teenager not barbaric? Are the perpetrators of these crimes not barbaric?

We have all gone soft and many of the people who are still entering our country unchecked know it and they will take every advantage. What will it take before the general public will eventually rise up and demand protection form the knife wielders. I suspect that it will eventually be the murder of a politician or children of a politician that could trigger the necessary measures and that may be too late for many ordinary families.

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